instructional design components

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January 8, 2018

instructional design components

As the business world continues to change, so do organizations and their learning functions. Basic Components of Instructional Design. Instructional design was then further described in the following four ways: Accessibility: Presenting the content in a way that does not require the learners to rely solely on one ability or sense. In this section, we're going to cover the four component instructional design model grounded in the Cognitive Load Theory. The Four-Component Instructional Design model or 4C/ID-model working assumption is that complex learning platforms can be described by four basic components (van Merriënboer, Clark, et al., 2002), which in turn creates a blueprint for the design of the learning platform: The Four Components. Gustafson & Branch (1997) states that there is a wide variety of instructional design models describing the ID process created for different situations and settings (as cited in Gustafson & Branch, 2002b; Ryder, 2006). Writing a storyboard is one of the primary and essential requirements expected of an Instructional Designer. 4C/ID is an instructional design model by van Merriënboer and others. Create the Components of Your Portfolio. This program focuses on fundamental instructional design skills plus building a portfolio and practical experience. CDT specifies how to design instruction for any cognitive domain. It constructs those experiences in such a way that learners acquire either knowledge or skills.Instructional designers follow various academic theories and models related to how people learn and the cognitive processes behind the learning experience. Any teacher, any school, any company, any institution interested in improving learning and/or performance, interested in moving from good to great, in meeting quality and productivity goals (p.16), needs Instructional Design! In this section, we're going to cover the four component instructional design model grounded in the Cognitive Load Theory. //

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