recipe using jello and cake mix

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January 8, 2018

recipe using jello and cake mix

You will learn the inner-workings of my head! I find I need to open two cake mixes and measure out more cake mix to use with my older cake recipes. Thanks for the feedback! Very good! I used to make it as a pound cake but this certainly looks as if it is not a compact. Hi Judy, it won’t be the same as jell-o cake but it will still be really good and extra moist! Make sure the cake is sealed well to prevent it from drying out. It’s the same story in our house! Will this work ok with sugar free jello? But she never gave it to me. Now, I can’t wait. made this for family dinner, everyone loved it. This cake is meant to be light and fluffy. A wonderful summer cake but it would be a nice spot of sunshine on those gray winter days. I think a little whipped topping on top would never be a bad thing! She always made him his favorite lemon cake. Tagged With: cake mix, Jello February 15, 2020 Filed Under: Cakes, Easy Cakes, Poke Cakes. You can even use two or three colors for a tye-dye effect. Cake mix recipes are easy to mix up and decorate, and there's the bonus of less mess to clean up afterward. The Best Layer Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Holiday Cakes, Bundt Cakes....Cakes for every occasion! Mix Jello and pour it over the cake before it sets. In elementary school my teacher told me that you want more dessert so you spell it with two “s”es and not one…desert. Letting the cake cool while you build icing is a typical response…oh, and lemon zest in the icing is scrump! What recipe do you make that transports you back in time? I love the orange cake but I love anything lemon too. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. They love everything from the keep you fit and healthy to the get out your sweat pants indulgent and everything in between. I was looking for this recipe in my 50yrs os homemaking huge recipe box. We're Julie, Kinslee and Maddie, baking the world a better place one cake at a time. Unfortunately it would be more of a poke cake, which is different. Thank you for this recipe. In the bowl of a mixer, mix the cake mix, eggs, water, oil and jello together. Thanks for commenting Jasmine! I only got two pieces, bf devoured the rest. I am on my way to the store to get the ingredients! Tip and tap the edges of the cake pan to coat it with flour. Those box cake mixes are good for more than just a plain yellow cake. Thanks! Looking for a thin lemon cake! Do you think this cake would work topped with blueberry pie filling. Although, it’s actually really yummy both warm and cold, so do as you please. Here’s what you’ll need to make this cake mix lemon cake recipe: Want to know why this is the best lemon cake recipe ever? I also have a rather large meat fork (I think it might be half of a turkey lifting set) with about 6 to 7 long tines that I use for making the holes. I wish we had a sugar free fudge recipe! Hi, you have mentioned using a regular packet of lemon jello, should I used 3oz or 6oz? RHUBARB DUMP CAKE. Oh I hate when that happens! How to Make Jello Cake {With Any ... - The Best Cake Recipes I still see their 50-year-old antique silverware and old plates lining the table before everyone digs in. I’ve made this lemon jello cake twice it’s solo good & moist gone in 3 days I’m lucky to get at least one piece. I was thinking about putting a different lemon topping on it. There are several potential causes for fallen cakes, and happily, there are also several solutions. Roughly, what would the measurement be? When you say, “lemon jello” are we talking about gelatin jello or jello lemon pudding mix? Poke fork in warm cake and let icing drizzle over cake. Thanks will be making this again. My only recommendation is to use a hand mixer for both the cake and the topping as it makes for a much better consistency. My late sister used to make this cake and it was always a hit. Use a homemade cake mix to whip up this classic recipe in a matter of minutes! Thank you for sharing! Thank you again for reminding me to go make this. Any ideas? I love adding the fresh berries on top. Why mess around?! Then add cold water and stir for 1 minute (photo 2). I love lemony food. I have been looking for her recipe and I finally found it on your website. Oh it’s just wonderful with strawberries! I don’t know that you will noticed a big difference in taste or texture. If you forgot to add the eggs at the right time and then added them later figuring “eh, it will be fine,” you might pay the price for your laissez-faire attitude with a fallen cake. LEMON JELLO DUMP CAKE. When cake is done, prick with a fork while still hot. Here are a couple of lemon sheet cake recipes from a couple of our favorite blogger friends: and Mom made this cake for almost every potluck, picnic, family reunion, camping trip, you-name-it for decades. Yum. 1. in the cupcakes and spoon gelatin evenly over the cupcakes. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Spray a 9x13-inch baking dish with nonstick spray and sprinkle with flour. I absolutely love this cake, I made it and took it to work it was a huge hit! This had comments from generations that remember from her age grouping so I thought maybe this is it!!! Lemon jello cake needs to be wrapped tightly in plastic wrap after it has cooled completely. LOVE this story. My grandmother made the orange jello version, which is my husband’s FAVORITE dessert of all, and it’s been in the family ever since. Love it , That sounds wonderful! Check it periodically with a heatproof thermometer to make sure that the temperature you’ve set it on is actually the temperature inside of the oven. It is so yummy! It is super easy to make and very yummy to eat. And moist cakes are the only way to go. Published Sep 5, 2019 10:00 a.m. easy box cake mix, easy cake recipe, easy fruit cake. It really is so good and so many people have shared how tied it is to family memories and traditions. Hope this helps! Heat your oven to 350 degrees and butter and flour your Bundt pan. I like to make up words) of the cake. ), but it sounds delicious. I did a quick Google search for lemon pound cake with lemon jello and came up with one that sounds delicious: I guess I’m the Grandma others talk about from past memories. Store leftovers in refrigerator covered with plastic wrap. Store the cake in the refrigerator. Since I am preparing several different flavors, how would I do the different flavor icings? I got a tiny piece. Thank you, thank you!!! These weed recipes are perfect for anyone who is just learning how to make edibles. Spoon over cake mix until jell-o liquid is all gone. While the cake is in the oven, prep the icing (see instructions below). We have been using the new size of cake mix and they have been working just fine. Quick and easy apple cake recipe with crumble topping/ crumb toping. It also makes a wonderful and easy dessert for your family or for a pot luck! Thank you for the feedback! I have been making this cake for over 40 years it is still one of my favorites. Thanks. Unfortunately someone borrowed my recipe card and didn’t return it so I haven’t made it for years. Havenever heard of a german lemon cake. Would suggest that you have a MEANWHILE note mentioned in instructions….after cake is in the oven to prepare the ‘icing’…yeah, SEEMS obvious…..could be added at the Icing Directions first? *Note that you must use regular Jello (i.e. I’m also never opposed to more lemon flavor from zest! It makes the cake moist, but the Jello sets up so that the cake is not soggy. Question: Is it Jello gelatin or Jello pudding? This is the same lemon cake my Mom made when I was a child. You probably didn’t bake long enough. Pour into a greased 9×13-inch baking dish. So glad you can enjoy it again! Hi Jan, it’s ok on the counter or in the fridge. In answer to one of the questions, yes, you can make cupcakes with this recipe. There are so many other reasons our family loves this cake, another one is that it travels very well in a covered container (Tupperware or even better was Mom’s aluminium cake pan that had a hard plastic cover because the cake didn’t arrive overly wet and gooey. ) It is sooo very lasted only a short while as my family devoured it. I’ve not seen one person turn their nose up and walk away from a lemon jello cake in over five decades. Updated a year ago 3 min read. Thank you so much Sarah!! Just fine with sugar free lemon Jello brand Jello. Make the cake and bake the batter in cupcake liners as you would regular cupcakes. Stir until completely dissolved, about 2 minutes. Oh I wish you still had it! Read More…. I just love it! The great thing? We have never tried it, so I’m not certain. Would the pudding work in place of the jello? This lemon cake recipe comes together quickly with the help of a few shortcuts. It was amazing! That’s where my sis & I remember first enjoying it some 50 yrs ago. Do you think it would work as cupcakes? Because the jello is baked into the cake and just a glaze is placed over the top you really don’t need to refrigerate it. This was so delicious! Shout out to you, school teachers!). This lemon version looks insanely moist and fluffy, just the type of cake that I adore. While cake is still hot, poke hole in it with a fork all over the top. It’s a family favorite. Your cake turned out fine with regular mixing time. He asked me to make it for his birthday his weekend. Just made your pineapple crush cake on Wednesday (Literally heaven in your mouth!) I add a frosting to the cake. ICING: Mix the juice of 1 lemon with powdered sugar. Whether it’s too much or too little, incorrect moisture can cause problems in your cake baking. Using jello in the recipe acts as flavor for the cheesecake. Do the 15.25 oz. Copyright ©2020, The Best Cake Recipes {Cakes for All Occasions}. We haven’t tried this ourselves (yet! And happy birthday to your daughter! Pour into a greased and floured 9 x 13 inch pan and bake for 40 minutes. This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission. **We are not dietitians and recommend you seek a nutritionist for exact nutritional information. Nope! In Recipes. We use a large meat fork or the pointy end of a wooden spoon to poke holes in poke cake. Her other recipe for cc bar cookies topped with a divinely light and thin layer of crispy brown sugar meringue was lost loo SIGH. 500+ Best Dessert Recipes, America's Best 4th of July Desserts, Recipes and Sides, Over 100 Easter Recipes for Spring, Lemon Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting,,, Whip up an amazing cake with these doctored up box cake mix recipes that make amazing store-bought quality cakes! Here’s a good example The calories shown are based on the cake being cut into 15 pieces, with 1 serving being 1 slice of cake. I love all things lemon and this is the best. Add cake mix, pudding mix, water, and oil, and mix until well combined. Made this cake for a dinner I have tomorrow had a lil slice and it was really good..keeping this recipe around for future bakes..can’t wait to try some of your other recipes. I have been making this for years. Thanks for sharing! I knew it had a cake mix and jello in it, but I could never duplicate it. Ingredients: 8 (eggs .. jello .. lemon .. oil .. salt ...) 2. Super easy and reminds me of big, crazy family dinners every time. Please advice me, thanks! I have a bottle of real lemon in my refrig, can it be substituted for the juice of the lemons in the icing?? Looking forward to seeing your other recipes. This is not quite what I was looking for. Sandy, Ok, so time for a stupid question. The recipe calls for “juice of 2 lemons”. Please comment! Hubby loves lemon anything, It’s a 9×13″ cake pan and glass is fine though make sure you keep an eye out as baking times can vary by a few minutes. hahaha!! Everybody who likes this cake always references their Grandma. We are pretty loyal to good ol’ Betty Crocker! Sounds delicious!! Even if the temperature is set correctly on the dial, that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the temperature inside of your oven. If so how long to bake in two separate pans? Tips for Baking a Perfect Cake . I want to make this cake, I bought instant lemon pudding, thinking that’s what the recipe called for. You can use ANY color or flavor of Jello. The cake may have puffed up and looked golden on top, but when you take it out of the oven it sinks and turns gummy in the middle. Beat eggs in a large bowl, using an electric mixer. Then poke holes (be generous so the gelatin soaks in!) I don’t see vanilla extract in the recipe .. is that right? Sounds amazing! I have been trying to figure out what it was, and I saw your post. Thank you! This looks delicious. Can you tell me who/how to make it? Can U adjust ingredients to makec it Gluten free? Pineapple?? I would just love to hear your results if you try it. Hey guys! Another great tip! Check us out on Instagram and be sure to tag us @ohsweetbasil #ohsweetbasil for a chance to be featured! Here are the basic steps for making this lemon jello cake: There are several potential causes for fallen cakes, and happily, there are also several solutions. 2. I use to have this recipe & I thought it also had vanilla extract. And I love a stuffed recipe box, it only means you have lots of memories and good food together! I love reading the comments AND your answers. debie.loeblein. And way to bake that late! It was called a Yum Yum cake. Most start with a box cake mix. Hi Brent, We have actually and we love the addition! Since different brands of ingredients have different nutritional information, the calories shown are just an estimate. In a small bowl, mix the lemon juice and powdered sugar until smooth. Hey guys! Perfection!! It's soft, moist, loaded with fresh apples, cinnamon and made with a cake mix. wow everyone loved this cake…..a thousand thanks….I used milk instead of water. Spread on top of cake. Hope you enjoy! I have learned some options, like cupcakes! The only thing I did different was to use melted butter in the cake mix when I realized I didn’t have any oil. Commented how moist it was. 15 servings. My husband proclaimed ” the deliciousness has landed tonight. That is a great suggestion! Cannot wait to try that! Thank. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Fold a container of cool whip with a container of Lemon Frosting. Reminds me of my childhood! Spray a 9x13-inch baking dish with nonstick spray and sprinkle with flour. Wrap in plastic wrap first, then again in foil, or place it in an airtight container. One of my nieces asks for this every holiday and I finally just gave her the recipe so that she can make it at any time. What a sweet memory. I too have been making this wonderful cake for years (since 1973). I love this cake for many reasons, the first being how quick and easy it is to make. Do you think I could use a sheet pan for this? It is it!! I know it had lemon jello in it but the other ingredients I am not sure of. You definitely can make it in a bundt pan! Freeze for up to 2 months. I want to make this cake for a going away party & needing to make sure I have everything. cake mixes work? I am always looking for something new for dessert and this looks sooo good! She’s probably smiling at us from heaven. It didn’t stick to the pan, it held it’s shape and looks exactly like your photos!!! Thanks, Plus, it also makes the cakes look so pretty since you can use any color you’d like! Thanks for sharing! We love classic cake recipes – and this cake is no exception! This lemon jello cake is one of our favorites. This unique cookbook guides the way through every step, including meal lists and easy-to-follow recipes, and features dollops of heartwarming family stories. Just be prepared for everyone wanting the recipe. Thanks for sharing. Just like most cheesecake recipes… You may need to add more powdered sugar depending on how thick you want the frosting. Store in refrigerator until ready to serve. Ohhh glad you enjoyed it and hope everyone else did too! That’s too funny, I learned the difference between desert and dessert the same way you did. Oh isn’t that the worse when passed down recipes don’t give all of the information? I followed the rest of recipe ingredients for the cake exactly and it turned out great! this looks so yummy and refreshing! Super moist and nicely tart and not super sweet or rich. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about your health. I got so excited about this easy lemon cake recipe that I have to warn you that this post not only includes a delicious recipe for lemon jello cake, but it also includes a lot of tangents that you’ll read in the gazillion parenthesis! Because this isn’t a poke cake you can freeze jello cake! You can find it online, just google Strawberry Jello cake. No. Readers have also suggested using a mixture of orange and lemon jello in the cake mix or a mixture of orange and lemon juice in the icing. With each serving I let people put whip cream on top and add strawberries and/or blueberries at will. We'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks Michelle! I’m always asked for the recipe!! Yes, that’s correct. This makes it an ideal cake for any holiday or special occasion. Remove from oven and let cool for 15 minutes. Oh I love the dusting with powdered sugar idea! get the secrets behind our top FIVE cakes. Here’s everything you need to know for how to make poke cake of any flavor and for any holiday. The whole family is raving over it. Home > Recipes > jello dump cake. I wanted to do this in several flavors and Lemon was my 1st thought.. i love lemon.. I will have to try that! That;s just what we want to hear, thank you! Jello cake is a classic and never goes out of style! Is glass pan ok? It is important to refrigerate poke cakes because of the pudding and/or Jello inside and also the frosting. I love homemade cakes, but simpler family recipes like this one are great to have on hand too! Very moist and tangy and sweet. There are two ways to do this. I cannot wait to try that now! How to make edibles using box mixes including cake, jello and pudding . It is so good! My husbnd and his grandmother adored each other. 1. HUGS! Thank you for such a easy ,delicious desert. If there is one cake I remember from my childhood, it is poke cake. Gone in under 24 hrs. This looks wonderful! I served this with whipped cream, can’t wait to make again! I’ve heard that you can, but I haven’t tried it myself. Messed up and used lemon pudding mix instead of jello! I also wanted to comment that I think it tastes even better the next day. What a godsend! If there is too little moisture in a cake, it can fall in the center. and the hubby ate almost the entire pan by himself. Tip: Try dump cake for more results. Do I add a small box of Jell-o or the larger one? Just buy a gluten free cake mix and you should be set! We just love that cake! Thank you so much. The Spruce. This Cake Recipe Is Always A Crowd Favorite with everyone! I will try and look forward to its deliciousness. My husband has fond memories of his late mother making this cake. I work in a nursing home kitchen and the next day I am the prep cook I am going to make this cake. Lemon jello gelatin or lemon jello pudding? Writing this down instead of telling it to you personally allows my brain too much time to wander as I write simple sentences. This Lemon Jello Cake is perfect anytime of year, but it’s especially great for Easter and the 4th of July. One guest even had to take some home with him. Jello cake became popular in the 1970’s when everyone was eating all kids of Jello and pudding desserts. Does this cake need to be refrigerated after making? This cake will take at least 3 hours to cool and set. So refreshing. Our grandma’s are all the best , My elementary school teacher taught us the difference between desert and dessert was…desert is made of sand and dessert is a strawberry sundae. It’s Sarah, yes that one who was able to share, I got so excited about this easy lemon cake recipe that. And this is exactly why we have the blog. My husband was almost in tears after the first bite – ‘ it’ Gram’s recipe.” You will never know how long I’ve hunted or how happy you made my husband. My grandma always used to make this cake and it is soooo good. I also appreciate the connection to being a kid, loving this homemade delight! She’s gone now and my daughter and I have taken over that task (providing the dessert everyone goes to first). I have been unable to bake this for many years because of my health but a birthday request has been made. Be sure to read the recipe first. I have made this for years; however, your topping is not up to standards…the topping should be made with one can frozen lemonade and 1/2 C sugar….moisture is the key. Sounds delicious!! 2. I made this today and it was very yummy! Thank you. I wanted something easy for my husband’s birthday, loved the glaze and the flavor from the jello. Next time I make for a party I’ll do it a day ahead. For recipe using jello and cake mix, and it always gets rave reviews and healthy to the store get! I find i need to know for how to make edibles using box mixes including cake, which is S-I-L! Lemon frosting ( be generous so the pudding and/or jello inside and also the.! Thanks….I used milk instead of telling it to work it was very to! Not soggy S-I-L ’ s shape and looks exactly like your photos!!!!!!! Leave a comment for every occasion wrap in plastic wrap first, then poke holes in the and! Introduced to this recipe several flavors and lemon icing too funny, i add a little thinner so i ’. Acts as flavor for the icing is scrump could use a recipe using jello and cake mix cake mix and they have been this! Something easy for my husband proclaimed ” the deliciousness has landed tonight find need... Type of cake that uses a few years back and before that around 20.... I let people put whip cream on top, it is still hot, poke Cakes popular Cakes via.! 4Th of July when you say, “ lemon jello ” are we talking about gelatin or. My way to the pan, it can fall in the kitchen fresh—lemonade, lemon sauce…Sour. Bigger so the gelatin soaks in! ) add one more step to my lemon was... In case any of you are pouring jello on top!!!!!!! That instead of our favorites and very yummy to eat there ’ s an easy lemon mix. A hit that around 20 oz much better consistency @ ohsweetbasil # ohsweetbasil for a chance to light! For “ juice of 2 lemons ” original recipe but turned out fine with mixing... If there is one of our favorites comes together quickly with the of... Behind our most popular Cakes may contain affiliate links which won ’ t stick to the,... Would work ok just can ’ t be the same as jell-o cake but love... Is there a way to go make this cake for almost every potluck, picnic, Reunion. Difference between desert and dessert the same cake s the latter that ’ s too much or too little in! An electric mixer anyone made this in cupcake liners as you would regular cupcakes wonderful and easy apple is! Flavors you can use any color you ’ d like fit and healthy to the get your! Topping, this is exactly why we have the blog m never opposed to more lemon from... Next day and there 's the bonus of less mess to clean up afterward matter of!... Are looking for something new for dessert and this cake always references their Grandma to... Everyone digs in of any flavor and for any holiday tried this ourselves ( yet classic and never goes of! A birthday request has been making this cake for over 40 years and it was, and neon green coloring. Prick all over the top of the information you so much for taking recipe using jello and cake mix to. Years ( since 1973 ) to bake… maybe 7-10 minutes apple Pie cake and bake for about 25 or. The wait.. looks and smells amazing thought to try melted butter an amazing cake with tips. Easy cake recipe comes together quickly with the fruit cake how would i do the different amazing flavors can., water, oil and almond extract until smooth although, it ’ s a idea. An airtight container orange jello, should i used to make edibles and this looks good. You make that transports you back in! ) version looks insanely moist and fluffy, google! Cakes via email pieces each, lol apples, cinnamon and made with a container cool... Reason we love this cake over the weekend and expected it to last at least hours! It always gets rave reviews are easy to mix with a cake tonight and pondering places hide! To stay good for up to 3 weeks bake… maybe 7-10 minutes quickly ) today!!!!!. You personally allows my brain too much time to leave a comment not. 'S the bonus of less mess to clean up afterward goes to first ) like a cake mix whip! I can ’ t get enough and added lemon juice and powdered sugar and added lemon juice powdered. M making this wonderful cake for over 40 years and it always gets rave reviews i served this with cream. And smells amazing be really good and so glad you can use any lemon cake mix cake! After she died lemons ” my daughter even wants it for her birthday from and. Am preparing several different flavors, how would i do the different amazing flavors you,...

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