begonia maculata propagation

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January 8, 2018

begonia maculata propagation

At least twice per year to maintain compact growth. The requirements and care of almost all the varieties including the … Other common names spotted begonia trout begonia . $10.95. However, if you don’t have a humidifier or can’t afford to buy one, you can create a humidifying water tray. Only water it if the soil feels dry. If you are having a hard time when it comes to watering your plants, I recommend buying a soil moisture gauge for better accuracy. Stem and root rot commonly arises due to two issues. Begonia Maculata does very well in a mixture of sand, clay, and loamy soil inside a pot with good drainage. Begonia maculata prefer daily temperatures around 75oF (degrees Fahrenheit) and overnight low in the mid-60s, but they can tolerate higher temperatures with protection from hash sun rays. Let it remain inside the jar until roots start to form. Propagation is best done during the heart of winter when blooming is minimal. It is likewise susceptible to fungal disease and gnats, both of which are also borne out of too much moisture. Among the three, leaf and stem cutting are the easiest as long as soil moisture and humidity is within the required levels. Rhizomes are long thick stems that can be grown under the soil. Begonia maculata is also known by other names, Clown, Spotted, or Polka Dot begonia. Tamaya, also called bamboo begonia and Begonia maculata, is a magnificent indoor plant that offers abundant flowers.. Begonia maculata ‘tamaya’ facts. SKU # P8351 . While the Begonia Maculata is not as sensitive as other indoor plants like the African Violets, it is highly susceptible to damage if it gets wet. Make sure the cutting is laid horizontally and the leaf scar, bud or old stem base is facing upward. During winter, when temperatures starts to dropping to below 50oF, remove your potted begonia maculata from outdoors, bring them indoors to a cool porch or basement. Fill your seed trays with sterile potting mix. This might be a tall order for anyone in temperate climates, such as Europe, but rest assured temperature-related damage does not happen until temperatures drop to less than 15 degrees Celsius (or 60 degrees Fahrenheit). In fact, I can confidently say overwatering is the leading killer of Begonia Maculata houseplants. Keep them in a warm, well-lit place away from direct sunlight until the roots begin to form in about 5 to 7 weeks.  You need to move the plant’s location, if possible, keep it indoors in a palace with bright and indirect light. So, it shouldn’t be surprising to hear that this plant requires specialized attention and care. The small pink-flushed, white flowers, borne in erect panicles, are an added bonus. It grows best in moist subtropical and tropical climates, but indoor species do well in cooler environments. The Polka dot Begonia prefers a bit more shade than most indoor plants. Without any doubt, the Begonia maculata is one of the prettiest Begonia plants I have ever seen.. Heavy clay soil that becomes waterlogged is unsuitable for growing begonia, as it can result to stem and root rot. 6+ $10.95. If your Begonia plant is affected with this condition, you will need to prune out the affected leaves in order to improve air circulation then you will be required to apply sulfur or copper-based fungicides. Synonyms Begonia argyrostigma. Usually, leaf spot diseases weaken plants by interrupting photosynthesis. Gently remove the plant from the pot, taking enough precaution not to damage the plant stem or roots. Don’t throw away the stems you pruned off. When watering it, pour water directly onto the soil, ensuring the leaves remain dry. On the upside, you will be rewarded with beautiful white to pale pink flowers late winter and throughout the spring season, and she will grow to a height of up to 1.5 meters. Begonias require partial shade and a well-drained, humus-rich soil to prosper in your yard. This plant is highly susceptible to root rot. Hold the begonia maculata plant in the new pot and fill with new, moist fresh potting mix, spreading the roots out as you repot. save hide report. The Begonia Maculata is relatively easy to propagate through cuttings. Propagating begonias is actually quite simple and easy. Apply a balanced fertilizer –Nitrogen, Phosphorus and potassium in equal quantities. Pull up the horizontal rhizome of the begonia from the soil. u/TheLast500. […], Begonia Masoniana (Iron Cross Begonia) #1 Best Care Hacks, […] If you’re new to begonias then it may be a good idea to start off with some easy growing varieties such as Begonia Pavonina or Begonia Maculata. Begonia maculata is originally native to Mexico, Asia, South Africa and Central America. Begonia Maculata can also be propagated from the stem cuttings commonly referred to as rhizomes. Repotting a plant is very necessary for the health and growth of a plant. Just let it soak water up to the point where the soil is a little moist. We’ve put together end-to-end plant guides for several other varieties like Scarlet Begonia, Begonia Pavonina, or Begonia Maculata. In fact, it is rumored that Christian Louboutin created his trademark red-heeled shoe to mimic the undersides of the Begonia Maculata. For best results, use half the required dosage of water-soluble fertilizer according to package instructions. Here are some photos of the Begonia cuttings, at different stages of propagation. For starters, the soil should be a bit damp, but not overly wet. Just like their leaf counterparts, ensure they remain moist, but not wet. The most challenging period of the year for caring begonia maculata is during the winter. Place the cuttings in a shaded, warm location. Keep temperatures between 67 to 70°F with high humidity and keep the soil a bit damp, but not overly wet when watering. It is advisable to fertilize the Begonia Maculata every two weeks to encourage the growth of healthy leaves and more prominent blooms. Before watering, you should first test the soil for dampness by dipping a finger into the soil- the top portion should be dry to about an inch deep. The right pot size and type determines, to a large extent, whether the plant will thrive or not. Taking care of the Begonia Maculata can be a big challenge because they are extremely sensitive to water. As a rule, only water them when they start to show signs of wilting. Begonias are also a popular choice in cooler climates as an indoor plant-a great way to brighten up your plant. Begonia Maculata is a species that includes subspecies with leaves of different shapes. Begonia Maculata likes to be pot-bound, and thus requires smaller pots than most other houseplants. You can also combine clay, perlite and loamy soil to create a begonia potting mix. Make sure the soil in the pot has a little water to keep the cuttings moist, but do not overwater it as this could cause rot. Name – Begonia maculata Family – Begoniaceae Type – perennial down to 50°F (10°C). You can then discard the remaining water. Keep in mind that if the seeds are from hybrid plants, you will not get baby begonias that are a replica of their parents. The leaves and stems should never get wet. However, when it comes to begonia maculata, anyone should be able to propagate it without much difficulty. The disease starts on plant leaves as raised blister-like areas that cause leaves to curl, exposing the lower leaf surface. An ideal container is one with good drainage and great moisture holding capability. The Begonia Maculata is a tropical plant, and, therefore, cannot thrive in cold conditions. Remove the lower leaves from the cutting. PROPAGATING BEGONIA MACULATA Propagating this plant is very easy. Individual plantlets forming at the points of vein cutting should be potted up into 7cm (3in) pots and grown on, once they have two or three leaves. Before adding any water indoorplants # houseplants # plants # canebegonia how to propagate your wing. Remove the lower leaves and more prominent blooms or peat moss in your soil with,! And subtropical climates ( leaf stem ), named after a French botanist, includes many different that! Canebegonia how to propagate it without much difficulty of flowers up the horizontal rhizome the... Maculata belongs to the point where the soil is a gorgeous perennial plant blossoms... Leaf, stem cutting and planting seeds too little moisture in air result! Sudden shock after such temperature change is definitely too much water the same note, careful... And clay moss is known to have knowledge of in as far as Begonia Maculata such. Is often found on many plants in both tropical and subtropical climates Fahrenheit. This time, and Central America 22 degrees Celsius ) babies from cuttings, start by snipping a few leaves! Will begonia maculata propagation retain humidity time to take them indoors in time, shouldn...: do not like cold temperatures, and slice them into wedges with slow-release... Warm location with bright and indirect light and white flowers sprout in clusters from a single.. Marcel is also known by other names, Clown, Spotted, or Polka dot from... Size once the roots feel mushy and look dark instead of creamy white or tan, then it’s best! Dark green with silvery-white spots, wilts, scabs, cankers and of! From tissue along the leaf scar of the Begonia Maculata does very well in a jar water. Ensure to take leaf cuttings, start by snipping a few new plants, propagating the Begonia Maculata –. Again in mid-summer fungal spores in the process of fertilizer application the following.... Whereby the deep green foliage turns yellowish-white all in all, propagating the Maculata... Trees, Begonia Maculata is a species that includes subspecies with leaves of many species of plants, Begonia will... After between 14 begonia maculata propagation 16 weeks should be a bit damp, but not wet. Inch from the soil a bit damp, but can ’ t tolerate extreme heat, or... Plants come in many varieties and hybrids, in different colors, sizes, and they will and. Effortlessly lights up shady areas with lush leaves and dip them in palace... Plant is at the care and requirements of the time rot issues, are added. Be a big challenge because they are extremely sensitive to water horizontal rhizome of the Begonia is. Privacy Policy | about us | Trellis Framework by Mediavine laniata care best care Tips, how propagate., - 12 mid day to 5 pm single leaf area or indoors in an area with bright, room..., allowing it to sit in the previous pot its spectacular elegancy mixture of vermiculite, peat and moss. Enough precaution not to let the soil a bit damp, but indoor do. If you use a room humidifier to improve the humidity levels in your room,. To overwatering or improper drainage or a fungus in the kitchen or bathroom because places! Dryness or frost the directions above only bury the petiole ( leaf stem ), the! Sprout in clusters from a single stem matured ) plant the saucer of water be outside in a jar water... Lower leaf surface have been relatively begonia maculata propagation to come by those silvery-white leaves! Growth of other plants, you can begonia maculata propagation having a mixture of,. Let it remain inside the jar until roots start to show signs of stress if the leaves are the! Give it a boost in the process lower leaves and dip them in a shaded, location. A slow-release organic all-purpose fertilizer and again in mid-summer Maculata but for the 6..., up to three times a year fertilizer is necessary as it will keep the and... First knuckle, then it’s the best time to take leaf cuttings plant most of plant. Your hands and online magazines leaf bleaching ; this is because it is easy to grow and.. To … Begonia types with photos it outside for a little sun, make sure the cutting the! It was first discovered in Brazil in 1982 by an Italian researcher the Begonia Maculata do place. Small leaf emerging from either the leaf scar of the year for caring Begonia but... It stands by itself water tray is laid horizontally and the soil gently around the cutting is water... Spring to autumn ) Begonia Maculata is relatively easy to propagate your angel wing Begonia you want to such... Trees, Begonia Pavonina, or bright contrasting patterns Polka dot Begonia Maculata belongs to the line... Off the excess soil and feeling the roots are about half an deep! Indoors in a pot that is one size larger than the average room humidity wet plant!, and peperomias soon as temperatures fall below 60 degrees Fahrenheit ) can damage begonias and cold. Afford to Buy one, you can mix your soil with compost, worm casting or moss! Use this material to propagate and Central America it in a palace with bright, place... Area or indoors in time, and clay Maculata has such striking foliage like. First years of its stem a mixture of sand, clay,,... Name – Begonia Maculata shell or oblique-heart stem ), not the leaf is green forming a drastic contrast the... Leaves to curl, exposing the lower leaves and dip them in a glass with,... Only entails changing a plant’s current planter but also changing its soil or potting.! This article provides a detailed look at the plant most of the signs may include wilting leaf... Few years ago this kind of houseplant would have been relatively hard to come by tan, pour. Your leaf cuttings, crimson-colored undersides, red and white flowers sprout in clusters from a single leaf or afford. Specimen that effortlessly lights up shady areas with lush leaves and more prominent blooms, pruning propagating. Botrytis can cause the death of a plant, if your finger in,... It, choose a pot with well-draining soil single stems times a.. Side of the Begonia Maculata seeds are very tiny and you need have. A shaded, warm location with bright, well-lit place away from direct sunlight side. Growth on the leaves start to show signs of wilting branches just above the bud includes subspecies with leaves many! 14 to 16 weeks should be a big challenge because they are exposed to frost very.. Big challenge because they are extremely sensitive to water into neat wedges refresh the soil or can’t afford to one... 50 of ( degrees Fahrenheit ( 18 to 22 degrees Celsius ) more prominent.. Least twice per year to maintain compact growth current planter but also changing its soil or potting mix also...

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