aniline dye colors

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January 8, 2018

aniline dye colors

for more information on using W. D. Lockwood dyes. Like many technological breakthroughs, its discovery was accidental. This is particularly successful on hardwoods. If you purchase any combination of four or more packets W. D. Lockwood of dye, you're entitled to a 10% discount. Add to Cart. They come in a variety of colors, and are known for their clarity. Maize Yellow Universal Pigment 20 ml. Aniline wood dye and wood stain are both used for similar purposes – to add color. "Aniline dye is a substance used to color fabric, leather, and wood. The synthetic dye industry grew rapidly as new aniline-based dyes were discovered in the late 1850s and 1860s. The aniline dyes in our kits are affordable and well known for highlighting wood grains and leaving a clean, vibrant finish. For more saturated colors, once the dye is mixed, you can add citric acid acid powder which is cheap. Description Aniline Leather Dye Colors feature a water-borne penetrating dye for coloring aniline, nubuck and suede unprotected leather. Add some color to your favorite t-shirt with help from our tie-dye kit. Leather seat dye & repair kits can restore cracked leather car seats. Our concentrated mixing colors can be applied to any type of wood. Sample color charts: Here is a sample of possible colors for concrete using concrete dyes. Quick View. Moser's 1 Oz 846213. Early American Maple Transfast Alcohol/Water Soluble Dye 1 oz. Filter Results. Variety Pack 1 (10 Colors) Mica Powder Pure, 2TONE Series Variety Pigment Packs (Epoxy,Paint,Color,Art) Black Diamond Pigments. Aniline is an organic compound with the formula C 6 H 5 NH 2.Consisting of a phenyl group attached to an amino group, aniline is the simplest aromatic amine.It is an industrially significant commodity chemical, as well as a versatile starting material for fine chemical synthesis. No waiting or straining is necessary because the dye is pre-dissolved. Wood dye from s can make 5 quarts of liquid dye stain, in 5 exotic wood dye colors per kit. My thought is that aniline dye is, well, aniline dye. Our wonderful wood Dye powders dissolve in water and water-based products and help you Accentuate your wood’s natural character. ... 1 Oz Aniline Dye Powder Alcohol Soluble Forest Green J.E. Sold in 2 oz. The muted dyestuffs of earlier decades gave way to bright prints. Item 149541. H. Behlen Aniline DYE Stain (Dry Powdered) -- Water / Alcohol Soluble dyes help to bring out the beauty of the wood grain and will not leave a muddy appearing surface. Don't know what color you are trying to achieve, but often an aniline dye followed by a wiping stain is successful. This rising legendary 5 color wood staining kit contains the rich, and vibrant primary dye colors of Black, Blue, Brown, Red, and Yellow, per every wood dye stain kit. These colors are compatible with our complete range of aniline stains. Aniline is a chemical that is a by product of burning coal. Transtints can be mixed into water, alcohol, lacquer thinner, and other mediums to achieve ideal penetration and staining depth. Application 1) Check … These dyes are considered synthetic organic compounds, a carbon-based chemical that is altered by another substance, or synthesized. Compare. Item 870154. Often used on polished concrete floors or to make bold graphics, logos or stenciled designs. 4.7 out of 5 stars 2,954. Unlike many finishing products, dye powders have an almost infinite shelf life if kept in the dark. jars Dissolving these dyes in water will achieve deep penetration resulting in the best light fastness of any of the anilines. Sort by: Sort. Colors may need 25% Wood Alcohol to achieve color. Lockwood dyes come in a huge range of traditional wood tones and modern colors. Test your dye stain and wood sealer on a scrap piece of wood to determine your complete color outcome, as well as gaining a better understanding on how Keda wood dyes will apply to wood for best result. $12.79 $ 12. Lockwood, still exists and supplies these dye colors through many woodworking catalogues under the Lockwood and Moser brands. Wood dye from s can make 5 quarts of liquid wood stain dye, in 5 exotic wood dye colors per kit. Aniline leather dye is a true leather stain, penetrating into the leather. 79. Aniline dyes embellish figured wood essences, used for coloring guitars, furniture or decorative objects in wood. The process of dyeing ensures predictable and reliably consistent color from batch to batch, by using a color spectrophotometer. TO USE AS A DYE STAIN – Mix with tap or distilled water for an economical, non-flammable stain. Quick View. The aniline leather dye enhances the color of the leather and allows you to see the natural grain and marking of the leather. $4.95 shipping. Choose from a range of natural wood tones and vibrant decorator colors. You can mix water stain with ... sealer should be applied first or the aniline color may bleed. However, the only true aniline dye, used from 1875 until 1889, was methyl violet, which yielded a visibly stronger purple than previous red-blue mixtures.

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