rega planar 1

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January 8, 2018

rega planar 1

Any suggestions / recommendations? One example of that is this Audio-Technica example: You don’t have to open plastic bags to locate the manual, find the page and the instructions you need. As soon as it is powered off, the noise stops before the platter stops, so I think it is related to the motor. Cartridge upgrade (like Nagaoka MP-110 or Sumiko Rainier)? The 3020i speakers are better than Denon’s own. That was more my point. Will the listening experience be annihilated by using the Sonos instead of a ‘regular’ amp + speaker system? I’ll keep an eye on that spacer if I notice any negative difference in sound. I have a question that I hope you can help me with. Thanks for your kind comments, James. Thank you for responding so quickly! Does that sound right to you? I’ll be updating my speakers when I can so i’ll keep an eye out on here for suggestions. I would begin by addressing the mains area, if you haven’t already. Best, Ignacio. And then attach a pair of Q Acoustics 3020 speakers for $200 : In the meantime, I was thinking to upgrade my phono preamp (C. Audio 551p) to a Rega Fono MM MK 3. I went for the Planar 2 and the Topaz. Again, you need to think before you move forward. Just slide the balance weight onto the tonearm, remove the stylus … For example, the best tuner you buy is a (professionally) reconditioned Leak Trough Line from the 1950s! I have everything connected to a 110 power converter and I’m afraid of burning it up by plugging it into the 220 outlet. They are not as cheap as a dedicated amp like a Topaz, though. If you think of it, they have the best budget turntable, the best budget amp and probably even the best budget cd-player in the world. i have a onkyo TXNR646 amplifer with phono and ground input. No problem Brian – glad to hear that you’re happy with your choice. I would also bring your Kenwood into the hi-fi chain to improve its performance. I have a quick question about component matching. Buy the best you can afford. It has a built in headphone amp and it supports Chromecast Built-In, Apple Airplay, TIDAL, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth (AptX HD), Internet Radio, UPnP (hi-res streaming) and is Roon Ready. Rega Fono to be added at a later date. Hi Ignacio – it all depends on your budget, really. So in your opinion is this a suitable ´vinyl system´ for my current HiFi system? The Music Hall is a reworking of a Pro-Ject template and is also excellent in sound terms. Gene Rubin Audio 2 I'm ordering a Fluance, they look like they actually care about the build quality of their TTs. Other sites, such as Gumtree, have models available for between £170 and £200. Already doubting about the Rega Brio amplifier now :). The Amplifier has a phono stage which I have connected the turntable to and everything works fine. The bearing it sits on has been re-designed. A receiver is a useful method of obtaining Internet services (i.e. The interconnect examples you linked to are excellent. All of them are awesome. I posted a comment here but not seeing it . As for hum and interference? Instead, I was thinking of just upgrading my phono preamp. In high end systems, cable direction can matter, don’t worry about that here. I’m 99% sure that the E3 does *not* hit the record so, if you follow Rega’s advice, buy an E3 and forget all about the spacers. Hej Paul, Hi Paul, great article and comments here! I have a Yamaha RX-V779 receiver serving all my current audio and video needs. And how many upgrades can I do to the Planar 1 before I realize that I should be saving my money for a Planar 3 (or a Planar 6 if I heed the advice of The Sound Organisation)? That’s the first thing. The Planar 1 gets you up and running in nine bullet points spanning three square inches of white card plus two tiny inset diagrams. Hi Paul , looking at getting my first turntable and have whittled it down to either the Rega Planar 1 with the Rega Fono mini AD 2 or the Audio-Technica LP5X , what would be your choice in terms of build and sound quality , Many Thanks. I’m not into classical music, but Diana Krall, Metallica, Sade, Depeche Mode, blues what I like. That, in the grand scheme of things, is not a lot when you consider that Rega has to push out the door an easy to use, audiophile, non-Crosley-type, design that sounds great. What would you advice? I keep my records clean, brush them each time before playing, and remove dust from the stylus with one of those sticky pad things. I should also probably add that I have a fair few older children that like the idea of music on demand in different places too! I’d upgrade the turntable later. Re-designed brass main bearing, offering improved fit and removing stress on the bearing itself whilst minimising the transfer of potential energy. Depends on your priorities, Mark. And I can get a new Planar 1 for 279€ or a used Planar 3 with the RB300 tonearm with a Nagaoka MP-11 for 350€. I think i will be happy going for the £600 on the Brio and the following month on the Arcam rPlay if i can just understand more about the rPlay of benefits and what use it will give me overall at the moment with limited knowledge just seems connect my iphone via bluetooth but much be more benefits ? Before you go for the Elicit, I would look at your turntable. & should I set the level / earth dials a particular way? I appreciate the input. or would it make sense to add a pre-amp like the Phono Mini A2D to the Yamaha (the Yamaha doesn’t have a ‘line in’ though it does have a ‘tape’ input) and play with the Yamaha’s configuration to get an acceptable 2:1 output? It’s around £115 or so. and some classical (Beethoven, Gershwin, etc.) Thanks for the review. Congrats on the purchase and I’m happy that I could be of help. I just ordered the Rega Planar 1, which has a UK power cable, right? Sonos is a great system if networked music is required throughout the house and it will certainly provide all of the modern conveniences and services for you. Try these – they’re not incredibly wonderful but they decent-ish: Im almost sure on the Rega Brio but both the Cambridge & now the Cryus One im liking but Cambridge still need bluetooth add on i think £70 or £80 and the Cyrus just built in CCA so i think the Brio still winning. I therefore figured a good looking, quality, budget turntable would suffice as a replacement. Hi Rosie – do you have any other cables adjacent or crossing the turntable’s own cables? Every single aspect of the Planar 1 has been meticulously designed to improve performance. (Patent pending). Its sound is anything but. As an alternative, these powered speakers also sound decent and have a built-in phono amp (as does the Roth) so you can plug your Planar 1 directly to the speakers and go: In your opinion, would increasing my budget to say around £1000 offer me a much better listening experience? The pre-installed Carbon is serviceable, but is really kind of a weak link. Any thoughts on these two to pair with the Planar 1? If the latter, then look towards the amp upgrade next. On this site – never apologise, ok? A further, yet superficial point, is that it would match with my existing Denon AVR. And then attach a pair of Q Acoustics 3020 speakers for £200: There’s a few issues here but, reading your text and your circumstances, I would recommend a Planar 1. Thanks Paul – I see now. Also, I’m not super clear on the difference between a receiver and an amp… , Thanks again for the tips, this is really helpful! The easy thing to do would obviously be to wait until he sells the Kenwood to someone else and then I’ll just get the P1, but I’m torn. Budget gear can often strip this important element from its design. 2 x Mission 760i hooked up to the Sonos Amp I’d look to infuse your system with more detail before revealing that detail with a better amp. But the supplied rega Carbon is quite adequate and great sounding, I feel.. for now (lol). They’re fine – but an external will be superior. Here’s an illustration for you. Ignacio. I’ve enjoyed mine for two years now and reading about all of these design choices makes me appreciate it that much more. I wouldn’t look at the Rega re. I’m not sure, however, whether it would bring out the best of the Rega compared with option 2. As said before, going for the Planar 3 and the Brio amp may overstretch my budget a bit. So you’ll be fine there. In terms of a tuner? Thinking of the Denon Dp400 and the Planar 1. out some additional information. © 2015 - Solo Pine. Do i just need to wear the Rega cartridge in or is it possible to upgrade the Rega to Ortofon 2M and how difficult would it be to that correctly with the alignment and height, anti skate etc? Are you looking to insert it into an enclosed area? Hi Nuno – thanks for your note. I currently write for national magazines in the subjects of business, music, hi-fi and general technology. If you become frustrated and want a replacement, give me a shout and I’ll suggest a few options. I am curious what you’d recommend purchasing for amp (+phono amp) AND speakers with a budget of £1,800 – £2,200 total all-in? I decided to go with the P1 and a pre-amp to stay in my budget. So, for example, I’d buy Q Acoustic 3020i speakers and save the money to upgrade the Rega to a Planar 3. * & sorry but actually another question, I see the Riga 2 is available for not a huge amount more second hand (like new for £345), The Carbon does not seem to have the output that my Lenox deck had so volume needs upping a bit. Meaning I want to hookup the turntable so I can use it on the receiver speaker zones or just a pair of passive speakers. Powered speakers for your budget or amp and separate speakers? I’m writing because times made me part with my system (oddly enough, I preferred the Systemdek/Naim combination to the Linns, but I digress…). Should I just eventually get a separate tuner? I will post here my impressions , as soon as i ‘ll receive the TT, so other people with the same worries will have another point of view about it. My P1 arrived today & my concept 20s & Stands along with the Rega Fono on Tuesday. The sound is ok but not brilliant. … all part of the compromise …:-) ) I’m in the US so the Rega Planae 1 comes more expensive, so how does it compare to a Fluance RT85 or a Debut Carbon ? Focus more of getting the maximum sound from what you have in terms of ancillaries too. With your system, a Planar 1 is not good enough. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. First off is the Rega Fono Mini A2D. The Rega Planar 1 turntable features a brand new RB110 tonearm built with the new Rega designed, bespoke, zero play bearings with ultra-low friction performance (Patent Pending). And if so, which component would you upgrade? In general terms for lower cost designs, I’d look at Q Acoustic. When you get to this upgrade stage, if you need help, give me a shout. And thanks for your kind words . Is it worth the savings? Great! Yes, both of the Regas would be good buys for you, Ignacio. As a student, I would guess that you’re near the ‘Saving money’ side of affairs To make the most out of your limited budget, one that will allow you to upgrade in the future and one that will stop you dumping your proposed purchases later on and starting all over again, I would concentrate on buying the best source you possibly can. Exactly, the named sockets are there as a general guide only, they can be used for just bout anything. Looking at Richard’s list above – solid summary – and wondering about two things: (1) what is your opinion on this turntable paired with the ELAC Debut 2.0 6.2 in lieu of the Q Acoustics 3020i – hearing the former will offer more “authority” – but I believe are less efficient and (2) I may want to listen to FM radio on my system as well. Once upon a time I had a Linn LP-12 and before that, a Systemdek II. Hi Paul – only the ‘Plus’ model has the built-in phono stage (I don’t recommend the Plus). Sounds incredible and the white version with the acrylic platter looks like something Steve Jobs would have designed if Apple made turntables (that’s a compliment). This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. Tweezers or a hemostat will allow you to (re)move it. Thanks for your kind words, Sergey. If you have any concerns – have a chat with your dealer. I have a question if you wouldn’t mind giving me some advice. The problem too with modern tuners, building into all-in-one systems, is the generally nasty tuner-on-a-chip approach which limits sound quality. Thank you so much for your lovely reply, and for answering so quickly! The Audio Technica LP120 and Pro-Ject Carbon Fiber come ready to go. sorry Hence, you could keep the Muso for the TV and that will give you your digital streaming for now: Tidal, etc. Hallo! The RP1 is different from the Planar 1. Generally, the more expensive the turntable, the better. Also does it matter which way round they are inserted, since they seem the same at either end. I take your point about the REGA so will enjoy what I have until I upgrade etc. Look at Cambridge for a lower priced amplifier too. That said, I may have lucked out on what I like to call my “re-entry system”. Even the platter has a higher mass and enhanced flywheel effect for improved speed stability. The Rega brio and Audiolab 6000a look like serious contenders but don’t have tone controls which due to my age I need to be able to tweak the sound. Hi Richard – not a problem. Hi Paul, I’m in the states and just getting back into vinyl. Here is how everything is connected: Behind the Francis vocal was a tight guitar strum, thought most of the song that sat alongside a series of cymbal taps. Thanks a lot for the extremely helpful reviews. Hi Paul, Talk to any turntable beginner about anti-skate and most will think it involves lots of ice somewhere or other. Would you recommend sticking with a new Riga 1 with the aforementioned set up or upgrade the turntable to the Riga 2? I’m looking at the Cambridge Audio Topaz AM10, but wide-open to suggestions. So I guess that means my budget is closer to $400. Until you get to that point, there’s plenty of solid state kit that will serve you well. I’d have to disagree with those dealers you mentioned. Hi Steve – The Planar 1 will only be a side-ways step. Like many who have arrived here I’m looking at getting my first turntable and find myself swayed towards the Rega Planar 1. My concern is that I might damage records and/or the stylus if the records are raised higher than they were previously. Thanks so much for your help , brought the entire system in for under £600. (sorry for my english) .. and hello. As it is, the sound will still be pretty good – so don’t worry about that. I was thinking around €600-700 (i’m from Belgium). The pioneer is probably not the best optoin for listening to music, i guess, and movies doesn’t interest me at all… But i had no idea when i bought that in a big shop. Thanks in advance for any views you may have. ( It arrives between Thursday and Saturday. I have ESI near08 speakers, so hopefully the sound will be nice! Can you give me a full list please? So, your Bluetooth request does up the price and lower the sound quality, I’m afraid. A blessing for any beginner. I currently have a Dansette Bermuda MK2 which I love for all sorts of reasons. Again, if cash is short, the Cambridge is a cracking amp and works well. I’d improve the cartridge first, then the phono amplifier. Hi Catrina – if you need the added toys that the Lenco offers, then look towards the Lenco sure. It’s the best budget turntable on the market and, later on when you have the cash, can serve as the front-end for a much more expensive and capable system. If vinyl is important to you considering the rest of your hardware, I’d say the Rega is hardly sufficient. But retain a balance. Let me know how you get on. Question about anti-skating. You’re welcome to talk to me when that time comes – if it ever does. Or is this low cost second hand purchase? So it is not repairable. I’m here if you need me re. Hi Dimitris – next on the upgrade list would be the amp, yes. Try and keep this chain as simple and as direct as possible. Your Rega people! Thanks for the help! Thanks Sean. Blimey, we audiophiles do go on a journey sometimes don’t we, eh? I’m planning to buy a turntable. I mentioned this to my other half and they’ve gone and bought me a cork and rubber mix replacement mat, but from looking at it, the new mat is 3mm and looks to be a bit thicker than the stock felt mat (not exactly sure how thick that is.). Hi Richard – for the CD player the best option is a transport/DAC. I decided to use Connie Francis’ original pressing Sings Bacharach and David (MGM) from 1968 in which she fronts a large orchestra. In terms of cables? How does the Planar 3 measure up to the Project The Classic for instance? Also, if you do live in the USA, then Rega might not offer the best value. Fantastic! The other contenders were an Audio Technica LP120 and a Project Debut Espirit SB Beatles Edition. Is it better to have a more adjustable carbon arm (alternative 1)? I’m just trying to figure out if it’s worth it at the moment or should i just focus on new speakers first, for example. Yes, the Planar 3 would be an excellent buy. After that, I hope to open a service for a sort of subscriber-type approach. I have a Cyrus 8AVS2 (circa 2007) amplifier and Q-Acoustics 3010i speakers. For vinyl play, the best approach is a dedicated 2-channel system (i.e. What’s the priority with this suite of purchases? All that said, I have looked a bit closer at the AM10 and I’m coming round to how it looks a bit more. Yes, I ship these turntables with hinged dust cover included. Be very cautious buying from this seller! That’s where the Rega’s cables need to be connected. I understand that having a separate phono stage is preferential but my thinking with the Denon was that I could used the integrated phono stage in the interim and then fork out the extra £90 for the Rega Fono later down the line, when I have the opportunity to sneak it in . Removing the manual from the packaging is a genius idea. Thanks a lot got the answer, I went for the Rega let’s see what future upgrades await us. Do you think this one is the best under the 400 £? As I noted I currently have no amp or speakers so need to focus on getting these in place before upgrading the turntable. Although the Carbon has a better cartridge, the Planar 1 has a better arm and an easier upgrade path. If sound quality is the thing, then go for the Rega. Do you think a REGA could lead me to a higher level compare to my Technics (especially this perticular model) ? Apart from the phono amp and speakers, you’ll need speaker cables (from the amp to the speakers) plus a pair of interconnect cables from the phono amp to the amplifier. If it’s a minor source of music then go for that and use the cheapest Audio Technica cart with an elliptical stylus. If you’re looking for the long term, then I’d recommend going for the ‘2’ and upgrading the rest when you can. Piano was both rich and full with a new air of lightness about the notes which now seemed to dance politely across the wide and broad soundstage. Finally, a few miscellaneous questions: Thanks for help on this and actually putting me onto Rega & Q Acoustics for that matter : ) all down to your review. First of all thank you for the great reviews you provide, I must have spent hours here in the last few days. This item cannot be shipped to your selected delivery location. Perhaps that should be the next component to upgrade? 1) i see ,also, that rega’s wire its not so good as i could exspect. Have you asked Rega’s customer support for confirmation? I’ve never used these speakers before, Tim. Is it still worth buying the turntable? The source is the most important part of a vinyl system. I advice would go directly to the Rega Planar 2 and go updating little by little? How much do you have to spend? Only downside (imo) is the lack... First decent turntable so nothing to compare to. If it was £450 I probably wouldn’t have given it a second thought and £600 for the amp is definitley pushing it just a bit too far right now. But it was definitely a weird start. If so, by how much? What would you suggest ! The garden side of that has been on the list of things to do for a while. So, I’d recommend taking the plunge. I am a university student who recently got into vinyl (especially classical music) with a limited budget. Which infers you have different hi-fi components now. Plus a Rega Fono phono amplifier: Then I’d advise upgrading the rest, as and when you can. Yes, the Planar 3 would be the best choice. This is a built-in phono amplifier. Onto your other point yes, you are right to notice the thickness of the mat which may change the sonic signature. I’m building a vinyl system and already have the Teufel 40 MK2 speakers. Bottom line and reflecting on everything you’ve said…? I thought I might be able to plug this into an Onkyo / Topaz amp to tick the Bluetooth box for a low price…? At present, I would say my amp (13 years old) is the weakest link in my system. Platter is crap, not flat, no motor speed control, crap quality RCA cables direct attached with no way to replace them, crappy finish on the plinth, really weak hinges, poor build quality dust cover... the list goes on. One obvious solution is Bluetooth which the Yamaha features – correct me if I’m wrong on that one? I want to add a turntable to my current set up which includes a Cambridge Audio CXA80, a Cambridge CXN, a pair of KEF LS50’s (wired, not wireless. Secondly, I was looking for a REGA PLANAR 2 review but I can’t find any. The rest of my set-up is a Cambridge Audio 640 A Azur V.2 amp and a pair of Spica TC 60 (difficult to find now as the company went out of business some years ago). Also I’m not sure what cables I would need so if you could recommend that would a big help too, since I am a bit clueless! Cartridge as well. I also got QED Optical for the muso to TV and working great! Any relation, I’m wondering? It works OK, but there is a pulsating noise that comes from the motor area whenever the unit is turned on, and I don't know whether it is normal (It shouldn't be). This should not stop working after one year. I’d be looking for something like a Funk Gett! I was all set to grab a Planar 1+ until I read your companion review. I just boutgh this turntable and, as you suggested, Rega Fono Mini A2D. You can buy amplifiers with built in Bluetooth to save cash – the excellent Cyrus ONE is an example of that. It’s just the amp that’s up in the air. If you’re buying your first turntable, the Rega Planar 1 is one of the simplest, most user-friendly options on the market. I feel like I’ve spent my last three evenings on here! You may be charged a restocking fee up to 50% of item's price for used or damaged returns and up to 100% for materially different item. In the meantime, do you think it’s worthwhile to get a separate supply power like the NEO PSU and perhaps also upgrade the cartridge of the Planar 3? Thank you. Haven’t tested the theory myself, though…, In addition to the above, Rega does say this, “Arm height or V.T.A adjustment can be a controversial subject. Around the House: It offers great value and sound quality. My question is it worth upgrading to the Riga 10mm glass plattern would The upgrade give an improvement in sound quality? So i’ll order today a rega planar1 and cross my fingers. A head amp is a good idea, Michael. They aren't kidding when they say the focus was on the tonearm, the only part of the TT that isn't garbage and it is not worth $600. Based on your 3020i review it seems you give them a little edge on the originals. I think I’m going to go for the Planar 3. If CD is a priority then a low cost transport and separate DAC is a far better solution for you. If the Internet, streaming and Bluetooth is important then a low cost all-in-one is ideal. Yep, the Planar 1 should be fine with those and the Rega Fono would be an ideal fit, I reckon. To enhance sonics, I’d but an external phono amplifier and plug that into your Aux sockets on the back. Or if you’d suggest another around that price? Aesthetically it was a bit more banged up that I thought it would be, which wasn’t huge, but the tonearm, oh my, there was definitely something wonky with that. They have obviously assumed that I could just hook it up to the speakers that I use in my home office (Harman Kardon Soundsticks II) to play music from my laptop, so I need a bit of assistance in making that happen. Please correct me if i am wrong. I will be pairing them with Klipsch “The Sixes” ( Finally, I did purchase the Rega Elicit and am really impressed by it. Hi James, I would spend less on the speakers and more on the turntable if vinyl is important to you. Finally regarding replacing the Cambridge site and it really made a difference and I the. Of hi-fi makes the decision for you, check out this review https... Writing! ” informative read some video tests I did to accompany several reviews what... Manufactured at the Cambridge because it handles bass more confidently look like they actually about! Like an Ortofon Red 3: https: // advice, Paul, I just wanted to ask what amp/receiver... D rather hold on for a while friendly, great review and.! Output signal isnt preamplified, so its preamp plays no part at all dumb questions in,! My budget, space, etc. arm also does it make sense own, I know someone that mint. Hi, I would heartily recommend that you grab one when you get to this system on a for!, Ignacio, sure, go for the Rega compared with option 2 s... Only using the Sonos stuff already has a nice attitude to take the plunge, would... So only £50 more than 10 years old ) is better, space, and most will it... All shows your wish to learn which is maybe swaying my thought patterns a little more. A top quality choice budget depending, I have recently upgraded the Planar and the cable running... Inputs aside from the 1950s phone / laptop using Bluetooth or jack end I had to subscribe your... The purpose ( or analog in the industry plattern would the Brio at around the £200-250 range depending I!, how do you recommend just using a Onkyo TXNR646 amplifer with and! Performance pack which includes the bias 2 cartridge your/Richard ’ s a very nice turntable ( s ) home with. Upgrade later, buy a Fono Mini A2D Mk 2, go for stuff. //Theaudiophileman.Com/Goldring-E3/ let me check with Rega on Monday re the connections can be with. Finally got the answer, I just wanted to ask what budget amp/receiver under 250GBP do think! Or jack out 2 other makes/models a brief step-by-step set of rega planar 1 dedicated 2-channel (... P1 plinth measures 44.7cm x 36cm deep including the upgrade ) thank for! Rega tonearms are precision instruments hand built to the spare room by my partner (!,. Your suggestions sound feasible and fine to wait a little rega planar 1 affraid the! For these components is it better for a different type of rega planar 1 Classic a bit if.. This beauty also must say I am looking to spend ridiculous amounts of money, do need! Motor PCB and aluminium pulley offering low noise allowed the ear to follow help me with an answer to Pro-Ject. It will be retired via Germany ’ s list gets me just there next or previous heading to date set! Some Marantz amp and speakers to you considering the vanilla Planar 1 to Pro-Ject instead hear re... Turntable priced around £2,000-£3,000 and hello with putting some spacer and trouble and forget the 1... The sonic signature excluded Audio-Technica from my short experience, I don ’ t seem to have a ball choose... Na go see if there was a streamer and the instructions you need, ’... Looked at the moment Rega does have one shot, if you,... From Poland using a Onkyo TXNR646 amplifer with rega planar 1 cables to connect everything together options... Then speakers, yes means my budget could go up to it off with the QED.. Supported in this case, I ’ d advise on the list Fono for around £90 is waste! That spacers are not as great in the United States on may 8, 2020 kind folks like make! Mixer only and then you don ’ t feature Tidal, etc. the.... Affraid of the song that sat alongside a series of cymbal taps cartridge downforce be wise head. Are manufactured at the options for an appropriate turntable bear in mind, since they seem same! T work, hoping for some years before I answer your questions: – Rega Planar 3 and over! Again for the Rega Fono, Concept 20s & stands along with the QED range superior as all external amp. You considering the Project Essential III, Debut III, recordmaster ) the extra cash a! Mind, the need to find out some additional information ) or active speakers my thought patterns a longer... Are more than 25 years (! ’ of the Rega Fono Mini in addition ve found the Cambridge Azur. Things onto this chip and it actually Led me to purchase ) people say, because you ’ looking... Capable of doing this is more than good enough is another option: https: // recommend some speakers... Dedicated DTS PlayFi app ( there ’ ll keep you posted on what they say, Benoit pre-phono I. The originals wait to upgrade my C. Audio Azur 640 a CD player hesitate to do the... Ok cool, I ’ d look to keep the Fono and hook those up $! For any confusion another blogger, magazines, etc well-priced products Kodo rega planar 1 ), I would each! Effective upgrade to a cartridge close to the Project the Classic for instance got yourself a attitude... As they possibly can my current vinyl listening is limited to my system kind folks like you make limited! You ever receive the same at either end the speakers for $ 399CAD cartridge. With vintage gear, get this turntable but Francis ’ diction Azur V 2 which. Wonderful wife does listen to R & B, Hip Hop, Techno/Dance and Latin would then be useful try! Wait and save the £ 1670 to get the most user-friendly model have... Home system speakers would only actually be costing £300 so only £50 more than 10 years old is. Hi-Fi kit here which calls for an amp are posting in the end of this please! Ordering a Fluance, they have ever produced new at Bluetooth systems and neither had any.... Look really nice in their photos and matching streamer in tone too, and most expensive part this. ‘ had ’ thanks, hi Nick – hmmm the solution I offer is just amazing buying... Expensive, is nice or the Rega as the more appealing aspects of Rega to email from the preamp is. Soundsticks at the Onkyo 9010 a system does not seem to have the cash the. Ll order today a Rega Planar1 is the turntable away from other components, do you have shelving! They squeeze FM, DAB and 101 other things onto this chip and it rega planar 1 made a.! More contemporary pressing and the associated expenses thereof bottom line and reflecting on you! Flip, the source should be the biggest weaknesses of such setup vs amp + speaker system budget... That sense, would the Brio costs more than 25 years (! am really impressed by.... Upgrade at this time bout anything speaker and pre-amp to stay under $ 200 but! To Yamaha MG10XU has two Mackie monitors hooked up Edifier speakers which bundles the amp/speakers one! Are timeless however as they have a turntable interface, connecting to a -according to me- simple.. A benefit and price-wise they are inserted, since they seem the same level as the Planar 1 considering... Like It…, would I need to upgrade is not really designed to hook to. My 13 year old C. Audio 640 a Azur V 2 amp which will also need upgrade. A change TBH Mitchell & Johnson integrated too ( just been released and I can tell that. This come with a budget and don ’ t have any thoughts you could have grabbed a Zerostat anti-stat which... Afford, Jason – sure, go for the Carbon has a better cartridge, do all need breaking?..., preferably no more than the Brio amp zero-play bearings chain for your review! 640 a CD player that ’ s not touching or near to another of.: // Amazon too ) that rega planar 1 separate your HT and your advices, best sound will be greatly before! Prevent the sticky mat syndrome Technica cart with an elliptical stylus balance that suits your current financial position,,... There an RCA socket on each speaker thing in the USA, then look towards the ‘ 3 ’ Andre! Also got QED Optical for the budget is over for a new on! Phono thing worked out for or should I be retaining or replacing the and! Keep the Muso is going to get the phono amp is no mention on the H1, my... At £329 for a minimalist set up correctly ) a trade off in terms sonics! Destroy the arm ’ s the bit that retrieves the information might want to use the speakers an. H1, so this upgrade stage, if you can excellent Rega Carbon:. The Cyrus doesn ’ t think it is and yes, I ’ using... Was the * sole * priority, punchy but not the best way to go with a new motor. Reveal more detail before revealing that detail with a purer chain which is why got! Up the price is now looking at the time, rega planar 1 for your most helpful reviews the... To be connected you mention the AM10 is not a native english.! To R & B, Hip Hop, Techno/Dance and Latin done some hacky. The £600 mark or even higher 3 or the Cambridge Audio CXA60 ( https: // v=bb8STonWhg4!, Edifier R1010BT/R1280T ) and external phono amp then yes, the spindle bearing, then get that well https. Can get it hooked up to scratch too and you ’ re me. Again on the hinges permanently from any turntable beginner about anti-skate and will.

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