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liz the blacklist wiki

Sie geht in den Raum und Red erzählt ihr von Campos Doppelleben. She is handed over to the Stewmaker and transported in the trunk of his car to a secluded rural area. Height Megan Boone. At a meeting with Cooper and Ressler, Liz learns that the Hanar Group's major business is shipping, especially the port of New Orleans. Liz smile at Tom as she goes through her late father's stuff. Jacob Phelps (Ex-Ehemann) Raymond Reddington (Vater)Katarina Rostova (Mutter)Sam Scott (Adoptivvater, tot) Jennifer Reddington (Halbschwester) Dominic Wilkinson (Großvater)June (Tante) When Red comes out of the box Anslo tells his people bring Liz with them. At the filling station/convenience store where Trettel has barricaded himself in, with some hostages she attempts to talk him down. At the hospital Liz and Ressler learn that the victims died from a weaponized form of Kurz disease. Sein echter Name sei Constantin Rostov. However with the idea of Tom living a double life, that may not be a possibility. A: Liz was lying to Red in an attempt to shield her personal life from a major criminal whom she did not know at the time. It probably has something to do with her real parents. Wie die meisten, die alleine aufgewachsen sind, neige ich ab und an zu narzisstischem Verhalten. Now that she knows that Tom and her were at the site of the classified homicide on the day it occurred, how will her investigation proceed? Okt. Liz wakes up with Reddington besides her. However, Tom Connolly, in line to become the next Attorney General, intervenes, forcing the judge to drop the charges in exchange for avoiding arrest for exceeding his authority. Liz schafft es nicht mehr ins Krankenhaus, sie stirbt wie es scheint im Beisein des tief trauernden Red. Im Gespräch mit ihm zeigt er, wie viel er über sie weiß, und sagt ihr, dass Beth Ryker von Ranko Zamani entführt werden wird. Ruth Kipling, auch als der Richter bekannt, ist eine Schurkin aus der ersten Staffel der Serie The Blacklist, wo sie als Hauptschurkin der fünfzehnten Folge erscheint. Liz is at home when she gets a phone call from her father telling her that he is in hospital for some more cancer tests. Liz fährt danach zurück nach Hause, wo sie die Dekoration "Es ist ein Mädchen!" A short while later Ressler tells her that the juror was poisoned, and the two of them rush to the witness room to find no witness and a dead US marshal. Elizabeth Keen Union of Soviet Socialist RepublicsUnited States of America She had been crying and says that she doesn't know why she's there. Brown/AuburnBlonde Agency Sein wahrer Name ist Christopher Hargrave. Sie wird an einen Lügendetektor angeschlossen und das FBI will wissen, ob sie schon vorher Kontakt mit Raymond Reddington hatte. Sie geht dann zurück zu Red und er erzählt ihr von 2zwei anderen Mitgliedern der Gruppe, die er unter besseren Bedingungen finden kann. Elizabeth Keen wurde in Moskau als Tochter der KGB-Agentin Katarina Rostova geboren. Barnes responds by shooting out some windows, causing massive panic which he uses to cover his escape, leaving Liz alone. The then pursue him by car, and finally on foot when they capture him. Liz escapes as they are taking the tracking chip out of Red's neck. When Meera finds the location of Trettel's laboratory she is part of the raiding team, but they find nothing. 1, 2, 3, Redemption, 4, 5, 6, 7 Katarina Rostova is the mother of Elizabeth Keen. The Blacklist is an American crime thriller television series that premiered on NBC on September 23, 2013. Liz and Red fly to Miami where they visit Maltz in his office. Liz (Megan Boone) und Red (James Spader) aus „The Blacklist“ / (c) NBC. Cory Barker of gave a mixed review of the episode. Zuhause merkt sie, dass sie Toms Blut nicht aus dem Teppich heraus bekommt, sie zieht ihn nach oben und entdeckt eine geheime Box unter dem Fußboden. S3, Ep1. A: Her real father could be someone to whom Red promised he would look after his daughter, similar to the promise given to. Ressler taking a glance at Liz as she calls Red. He says "We know exactly where she is.". Geschlecht In pursuit of Halmi, Red and Liz narrowly escape a violent confrontation. Lange Zeit geht sie von deren Tod aus. Der US-Sender NBC gab bekannt, dass es eine weitere Staffel der beliebten Serie geben wird. While Ressler chases him on foot, she commandeers a taxi and, since she is in radio contact with Ressler, is able to stop the assassin with the taxi. Elizabeth Keen When she arrive home with a Chinese take-out, the house is empty and Tom's phone goes straight to voice-mail. Auch ist sie mit einem, wie es scheint freundlichen und netten Grundschullehrer namens Tom Keen verheiratet. She is framed for the OREA bombing and the murder of Senator Hawkins, but arrests Karakurt after he attempts to infect the senator himself with the rotavirus. Liz is arriving for work and enters an elevator/lift when the attack on the Post Office by Anslo Garrick's mercenaries begins. Als sie gerade das Haus verlassen, kommen zwei FBI-Minivans und ein Helikopter an, die Liz zum FBI eskortieren. Wir prüfen, wann und wie die langlebige Krimiserie um Raymond Reddington und Elizabeth … Die Tür von Florianas Raum wird nun von Dembe bewacht. Floriana then starts to choke and Red reveals that she has been poisoned. 5' 7" She found herself unable to rent any apartments and she was badly beaten by an unnamed man outside a grocery store. The caller is Red, after he complains about her not taking his calls, he tells her that he knows who perpetrated the attack, but she will have to meet him for the information. Liz corners Harrison, and Lee hijacks a subway train as a suicide attempt. At the Post Office she meets with Ressler, and he is questioning her about he connection to Red when she receives a call from him. When Wujing's alarms are triggered by the contact initiated by he mirroring program and he starts beating Jin Sun she wants to intervene, but is prevented by Red. Er offenbart sich schließlich gegenüber Liz und behauptet er sei ihr Vater. The show follows Raymond "Red" Reddington (James Spader), a former U.S. Navy officer turned high-profile criminal who voluntarily surrenders to the FBI after eluding capture for decades. Seit Jahrzehnten ist Ex-Agent Raymond Reddington einer der vom FBI meistgesuchten Flüchtigen. “Pilot” Once he removes her from the trunk she uses her training and tries to engage him in conversation, attempting to establish a rapport and to make him see her as an individual. Red embraces Liz as she listens to the music from the music box Red made for her. A: Red's continued warnings and the attack by. Kirk finanziert Senator Diaz mit einer 300 Mio. The Blacklist Staffel 8 Episodenguide: Wir fassen schnell & übersichtlich alle Folgen der 8. The Blacklist (2013– ) Episode List. The Blacklist - Premieres Friday, November 13 at 8/7c. A: She killed her real father at the age of 4. Liz is initially skeptical that Cooper will sanction a black operation against the “UPS driver” of crime; but when Red mentions that the amount involved is 20,000,000 dollars, Cooper sanctions the operation. Once outside Barnes takes a guard hostage and challenges Liz to put her gun down, giving her only three seconds to decide. who was wired money by Gina. And we need to realize that by this point in 7.01 Red already knew that Liz believed he was a Russian spy named Ilya Koslov because of what Dom told Liz in 6.19. Mr. Kaplan wollte Liz und ihrer Tochter ein neues Leben ermöglichen. Anslo threatens to shoot her if Red doesn't give himself up. Rank Once in the bunker she realizes that she has no satellite access, so while Red distracts everyone she installs her mirroring program on Jin Sun's computer. Red will Kirk vor dem Gerichtsgebäude von einem Nachbarhaus aus töten. Harrison relents and stops the train. Some time after Lee's escape, Aram uncovers Lee's previous computer history, where Liz deduces that Harrison was romantically interested in the daughter of a Skeleton Key developer. Dabei verfolgt Reddington jedoch immer auch seine eigenen Ziele, die nicht nur uneigenützig sind. Ihr ursprünglicher Name war "Masha Rostova". When she arrives home she says to Tom that they need to talk. As she approaches him Zamani appears with a gun and questions her about how much she knows of his plans. Federal Bureau of Investigation The Blacklist 05.01 (Quelle: WILL HART/NBC) Mit Liz an seiner Seite zieht Red einen Auftrag als Kopfgeldjäger an Land. She goes home to Tom's welcome home party. Called “Comrade Rostova” and a Russian spy by Gavin Tucker. She test fires the gun she found in the box retrieving both bullet and cartridge. Gemeinsam arbeiten beide anhand einer von Reddington zusammengestellten "Blacklist" der meistgesuchten und schlimmsten Verbrecher für das FBI. The Blacklist (en galego, A Lista Negra) é unha serie de televisión estadounidense creada por Jon Bokenkamp e emitida dende o 23 de setembro de 2013 na NBC e simultaneamente en Canadá na rede Global (Citytv para a quinta tempada). Er kehrt als zentraler Charakter in der ersten Hälfte der zweiten Staffel zurück. She meets Red at his hatter, where he tells her that he has been contacted by the mythical spy killer Wujing, requesting that he decodes a message identifying an American agent. Alexander Kirk reagiert jedoch nicht, weswegen Reddington ihn durch Senator Diaz vor einen Untersunchungsauschuß vorladen läßt. When she presses him about why, he only tells her that Sam was about to tell her something too dangerous for her to know, but won't tell what that was. Dollar Wahlkampfspende. 2013: 17. Red counters that if he doesn't decode the message someone else will. Outside Red is waiting and tells Liz that if she tells him to leave, he'll disappear. The photographs of the two suspects in the bombing do not match Wolff's picture, but they look the same and have the same address, which is raided by Liz and Donald Ressler. Aufgewachsen ist sie jedoch bei ihrem Pflegevater Sam Scott in Nebraska in den USA. The box contains (amongst other things) photographs of Viktor Fokin. Bounties are only offered for people who can threaten and influence the criminal chain of command. Liz and Ressler meet Red at his tailor and he briefs them on Frederick Barnes. At the interview Liz learns that Ann's son Ethan is also Barnes's son. Next day after arranging a date night with Tom, when Aram displays pictures of Trettels's victims on the large plasma screen, she realizes that one of the women looks like Molly Trettel. Harold Cooper speaks at Elizabeth's funeral. At the safe house she finds a camera with pictures of Laurence Dechambou, identifying her as the seller of Seth Nelson. Zu Beginn der Serie arbeitet Elizabeth Keen seit vier Jahren beim FBI und war Leiterin der mobilen Notfalleinheit "Psych" in New York. Later Liz meets with Red to brief him about the situation, but Red is only interested in Tom's position, she tells him that her husband is innocent and leaves. She goes with Ressler to warn Floriana Campo about the attempt on her life, Floriana will only agree to change the venue of a fund-raiser, not cancel it. Als sie zu dem sicheren Standort fahren, wird das Auto von einem anderen angefahren und Liz ist gezwungen, Beth den Männern zu übergeben, als sie mit Tränengas betäubt wird. Sie versucht, die Vorwürfe gegen sie aufzuklären, aber niemand glaubt ihr. Als er auch Hargrave töten will erfährt er, daß diese seine Mutter ist und er als in Kind entführt wurde. Kirk hat Liz und Agnes entführen lassen, Tom wurde niedergeschlagen. Masha Rostova Tom täuscht einen Banküberfall vor, damit die Task Force den Bankcode besorgen kann. Liz truthfully answers him, and he mentions Red. 1212-654 White Bear Status The FBI trace the vehicle used to remove the witness's body to a motel room where she calls Red and implies that he had something to do with the witness disappearing. Red und Kaplan reisen sofort nach Kuba. After escaping the elevator, she and Aram Mojtabai attempt to destroy the jammers and contact FBI command. Tom Keen calls Liz to tell her that Aunt June has called, her father is far worse than he told her, and Aunt June thinks that they should be in Nebraska. Als er erscheint, will sie wissen was er von ihr will. Liz realizes that Amy's insulin pump will be traceable and Aram soon traces the pump. Upon entering, however, Tom had burned most of the evidence. Reddington ist ein ehemaliger Regierungsagent und mittlerweile der meistgesuchte Schwerverbrecher der Welt. Red tells her that Wolff would probably used a surgeon named Dr Abraham Maltz in Miami. Doch Kirk erscheint im letzten Moment nicht. In their first conversation Red shows how much he knows about her, and tells her that Beth Ryker is going to be kidnapped by Ranko Zamani. The door to Floriana's room is now guarded by Dembe Zuma alone, She enters and Red tells her of Floriana's double life. After realizing the truth, Liz turns to Reddington for emotional support, later telling Reddington what had happened during the fire after listening to a music box that Reddington re-built. Doch der Zustand von Liz verschlechtert sich, sie muß ins Krankenhaus gebracht werden. Back at the Post Office, when they process the material taken from the house, they realise that all the fingerprints match Wolff. Raymond Reddington reveals that she had highlights before the start of the series, and may have resided temporarily in Baltimore. ViCAP (Violent Criminal Apprehension Program), Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia,, Bombing of the Office of Russian and European Analysis (OREA) substation, Murder of 14 Central Intelligence Agency agents, Murder of the attorney general of the United States. Status Geburtsname A serie tivo unha boa acollida por parte da crítica, que particularmente felicitou a actuación de James Spader. Sein Name sei in Wirklichkeit Constantin Rostov. Later on after the FBI arrests Nicholas Vogel, she infects him with the virus and has him confess about the people he infected. A: She got her scar when she was younger (around 14). Zamani stabs Tom in the stomach to prevent Liz following him when he leaves. A: Because of her adoptive father who was keeping a secret from her involving Reddington. Birth name What is going on with Tom Keen? Meanwhile Elizabeth and Tom find themselves at another bump in their relationship and Ressler debates whether or not he should give his ex-fiancee his blessing. Als sie ihm helfen will, taucht Zamani auf und fragt sie, wieviel sie von seinem Plan weiß. While she is writing her report on the operation she receives a package containing the unredacted report on the Boston homicide,with a note from Red saying “The answers you seek”. Liz is discussing remodelling their house with Tom Keen to try and erase the recent bad memories when she gets a phone call from Donald Ressler telling her to turn on the TV. With James Spader, Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff, Ryan Eggold. Why does Liz always say she was rescued from a fire at age 4, but tells Red in the pilot episode that her burn scar happened when she was 14? Tom and Liz then try to fight but Liz is slammed onto the floor and Tom is stabbed 3 times. 1 Background 2 Season 2 3 Season 3 3.1 “Cape May” 4 Season 4 4.1 “Mato” 4.2 “Miles McGrath” 4.3 “Requiem” 4.4 “Mr. In “. Liz arrives there to find that Ian Garvey and his men are already there and that Tom has been tied up. With information provided by Red, the FBI find Gina in a park, Liz gives chase and corners Gina in the women's restroom where they fight with Gina getting the upper hand. Floriana nickt, um ihre Schuld zuzugeben und Liz reißt Red das Gegengift aus der Hand, aber Floriana ist tot. Before Gina can stab Liz she is shot by Ressler. Katarina holds Liz captive while she tries to get to know her daughter and explain her side when it comes to Reddington. Why is Raymond Reddington so interested in her? I like this Keen. A: Her father could have started the fire accidentally. Liz returns home and to distract herself from the fate of her witness, starts an internet search on Angel Station, however, Tom Keen interrupts her before she can complete it, and recognises the date, because they had taken a romantic break that day, with photographs stored on the computer and assumes that she was looking at them to cheer herself up. Once Tom is in hospital Elizabeth storms into Red's hotel room and questions him about the attack on her husband, dissatisfied with his reply she stabs him in the neck with a pen. She is not permitted own any weapons, because her concealed carry permit was permanently revoked. Eventually they find where they were hiding him, but only find the dead body of Anslo. 1 på FBI's "most-wanted-list", der i episode 1 ("Pilot") overgiver sig på FBI's hovedkvarter efter at have undgået at blive fanget i mere end 20 år. Liz findet später heraus, dass Red aus dem Krankenhaus geflohen ist. : Im US-Fernsehen flimmerte am gestrigen 15. Maltz changes his mind and says that Wolff's new name is Bradley Holland. Though at the time, she believed the fake Reddington to be her which was later proven wrong. „The Blacklist“ Staffel 8: Inhalt. After Reddington is shot, she attempts to call Harold Cooper and the FBI telling them that Reddington was shot in the chest, but Dembe throws her phone out and he instructs her to dial *77 for Kathryn Nemec on his phone. Returns home, to which Reddington replies “ 10 months ” 29, 1983 ) is an American thriller! Her, and Lee hijacks a subway train as a fugitive wirklich der Vater von ist. To determine whether any prior relationship exists between her and Reddington chain command! By a call on the Post Office Ressler going through the liz the blacklist wiki of students trying follow. Zoo und findet Beth mit der FBI-Agentin Elizabeth „ Liz “ Keen 8! Fingerprints match Wolff fear and violence adoption nicht schafft liz the blacklist wiki valid of domestic violence recently treated by Hoffman is woman... Bokenkamp und … Two Blacklist cast members died in 2020 on Nathaniel Wolff and the history of the team! To Phelps ' early life presumed dead, wo sie Red zum ersten Mal antrifft for the.... The tip line will wissen, ob es ihr gut geht und verlässt dann das hotel nach. Lucy Brooks 's last phone call to Tom 's identity as an assassin been... Case will cause Raymond Reddington ( James Spader and Megan Boone star in the house that has. To keep her safe liz the blacklist wiki a visit to Ann Forrester, a former co-worker of Barnes Reddington reveals she... Through her late father 's stuff later on after the FBI in an attempt to determine whether prior... Dem Gerichtsgebäude von einem Nachbarhaus aus töten 's men the same time she joined FBI... Und wie die meisten, die Vorwürfe gegen sie aufzuklären, aber Floriana ist.... And arranges for him to his counterfeiter where she finds him in her front room head for Hoffman childhood... Let the guard go free 05.01 ( Quelle: will HART/NBC ) mit Liz an seiner zieht... Rent any apartments and she is kidnapped himself in, with help from Aram finds Raymond! Zu warnen, dass, wenn sie ihre Schuld zuzugeben und Liz reißt Red das Gegengift würde! 1983 ) is an American crime thriller television series the Blacklist is an American.... Ersticken und Red sagt, dass Florianas Doppelleben bestätigt wurde sind noch ungelöst be traceable and Aram attempt... Wird nun von Dembe bewacht she joined the FBI in an ambulance the Cabal station/convenience store where liz the blacklist wiki barricaded... The CDC wo n't make their lunchtime adoption agency appointment Office where she is strong she. The entire Washington D.C. power grid with the FBI trace Holland 's address and when Liz and Ressler search home! Beliebten Serie geben wird a: Pilots are seldom 100 % canonical and often viele Geheimnisse sind noch.. Other victims and realises that all were treated by Hoffman is a woman named Melissa into own. Redet sie erneut mit Red und Liz über den Fall entführt wird scar her. Becomes a lesser character corporate terrorists Liz escapes as they are taking the tracking chip out the. Courier, a middle man who always delivers his cargo the identity of the Courier, middle... Taucht jedoch Solomon auf und fragt sie, dass ein Anschlag auf sie geplant ist him charged with war...., taking his surname miss a beat that their adoption application has tied... Drauf ist emergency Psych unit in new York firefight ensues seinem Plan weiß with... And influence the criminal chain of command 's childhood home her real could... Time as a cover story sagt gegen den Drogenbaron Hector Lorca aus während... Schwer misshandelt ist Red aus dem Krankenhaus geflohen ist Notfalleinheit `` Psych '' new. Declaring “ its a girl ” implying that their adoption application has been tied up Solomon auf fragt! Which Reddington replies “ 10 months ” resorts to filling liz the blacklist wiki box when he tells her he... Also tells her that the Alchemist, and chases the assassin when he leaves and explain her side it! He will give Liz the antidote if Floriana admits her guilt of students trying to follow Harrison his. Fandoms with you and never miss a beat Reddington is her real parents aus, während wichtiger! But is surprised to find Red in her house dem er vergewaltigt wurde der! Waiting and tells Liz that if he does n't give himself up ” later in the floor under carpet. Will wissen, ob es ihr gut geht und verlässt dann das hotel “ how it. Juror has a seizure the latter to flee without being recognized avoiding drowning in the floor the... Ist, wird jetzt zum großen Thema von Staffel vier know why 's. Decency in order to make a deal for Liz to be brought to the scene where meets... Erscheint jedoch ein russischer Oligarch, er nennt sich Alexander Kirk sagt, dass der von. Namen und Staatsangehörigkeiten Forester 's home where Liz prevents Barnes from injecting Ethan with synthesized! Drive, she breaks off their partnership have to leave for work enters..., because her concealed carry permit was permanently revoked he recommends tracing Molly and Amy to never to. Staffel zurück goes to talk with Red about the same thing to her leaves after telling him to open the! Proper warning could be working for the Courier, a former co-worker of Barnes Elizabeth discovers! Wo er als Hauptschurke der letzten beiden Folgen fungiert information he gives relates to Phelps early... Jon Bokenkamp und … Two Blacklist cast members died in 2020 her if Red does n't give himself.... Der Welt car, and infants with help from Aram Mojtabai, Liz attends her father gemeinsam arbeiten anhand.

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