classic rib installation guide

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January 8, 2018

classic rib installation guide

Guide Specifications (63 Kb, 2pg) Add to Package. for Tuff-Rib / Classic Rib Panel Best Buy Metals L Toll Free 1-800-728-4010 / Phone 423-479-6382 / Fax 423-728-3066 STUDY APPLICABLE OSHA AND OTHER SAFETY REQUIREMENTS BEFORE, The installation of metal roof systems is a dangerous procedure and should be supervised by trained knowl-, edgeable erectors. It provides strong, durable protection to keep your home, cottage or workshop looking great. 22" ZIP-RIB. Cleveland, TN 37311 Toll-Free (800) 728-4010. . If you have questions regarding proper installation of Horizon-Loc or information not included in this guide, contact your salesperson . Because it keeps on looking good for as long as you own it, and even increases the resale value of your home. Classic Rib, along with Pro-Panel II®, are clearly the best value in through fastened metal panels with a 36″ coverage. ENERGY STAR Certified Products. The fastener selection guide should be consulted for choosing proper fasteners for specifi c applications. The Tuff-Rib® panel is an industry leader in strength and durability. Exposed Fastener Hardy Rib and EconoRib Systems Hardy-Rib and Econo-Rib Installation Guide Hardy-Rib and Econo-Rib Standard Trims Hardy Snow Rail Installation Guide Hidden Fastener Hardy Standing Seam Systems Hardy-Snap Standing Seam Installation Guide Hardy-Clip Standing Seam Installation Guide Hardy … USE EXTREME CARE WHILE INSTALLING ROOF PANELS. Do not stand on the roof panel until the panels have been attached. Category. There is such a ... all need to be cut during installation leaving an open edge of raw steel that moisture will wick into ... Classic’s roofing systems … All projects should conform to applicable building codes. MBCI offers installation manuals and technical information for our many products. Designer Series™ Manual. Craftsman Series™ Manual. 3 5 RIB INSTALLATION GUIDELINES Caution: 5 Rib roofing panels must be applied on a minimum roof pitch of 2½:12 or greater. Concealed Fastening Systems. Rusteel Plus™ Info Sheet. 4 0 obj METAL ROOFING INSTALLATION GUIDE MIGHTY--RIB PBR (R--Panel) Regardless of whether your roofing project is a new installation or a re-roof, and whether your building is residential, commercial or agricultural, our metal roofing panels and paint systems have been created to exceed your requirements and expectations. Fasteners for LOK-KLIP® installation KL-CLASSIC 700 NON-CYCLONIC 1 x #10-16x30 Wafer head screw on top of bracket CYCLONIC 2 x #10-16x16 Wafer head screw at each leg of bracket, 2 in total Be sure to select the correct length to accommodate your preference of installation as both methods are acceptable. Substructure Classic Rib' is designed to be utilized over open structural framing, or a solid substrate. LOK-KLIP® bracket to the KL-CLASSIC rib (Figure 4a, 4b). Learn the correct fastening technique for Pro-Rib and Premium Pro-Rib fasteners. Cool Roof Rating Council. modify, without notice, information in this guide . It’s a beautiful choice for any residential use. Great care has The application and detail drawings in this manual are strictly for illustration purposes and may not be appli-, cable to all building designs or product installations. Classic Rib ® Install Guide general Information Date issued: aug 12, 2013 effective Date: aug 12, 2013 replaces: jan 20, 2012 SAFETY Always wear heavy gloves when working with steel panels to avoid cuts from sharp edges. PDF (740 KB) Steel Siding Installation. for that particular area. Classic Rib® is a light gauge through fastener panel system available in 29 or 26 gauge steel with a 36″ net coverage and is 5/8″ deep. The beauty of PRO-Rib Metal Roofing and Cladding goes much deeper than how good it looks. Prior to ordering and installing materials, all dimensions should be verified by field measurements. I'm installing classic rib on a horse barn. endobj This manual is a guide to the design and installation of steel roofing ... details, installation and practices in a clearly prescribed manner and it is the user’s responsibility to apply the information in the way Do not use the roof panel as a walking platform. Installation Guide: Step by Step Guide for Installing Classic Rib Download PDF Product Manual: Complete Product Details Download PDF 2014 FBC Approved: Classic Rib… Detail Drawing (171 Kb, 10pg) Add to Package. SE Woodinville, WA 98072 Office: 425-485-3003 Toll Free: 1-855-334-8558 Fax: 425-485-2710 INSTALLATION AND OPERATION MANUAL VSRT Series Vertical Spiral-Rib Tubeless Boiler Serial/ National Board Number Model Fulton Order Owner Site Name Date VSRT_IOM_2018-1213 VIEW2 DR AW IN G UM BE V V SRT-30 ALE PD 2 - VSRT-30 HIG H PRESSURE WITH LOW PRESSURE OPENIN GS (150 PSI) MODULATED STEA M BOIL ER AW BYD ES CR IPT ION: T.K EN DY CH EC … stop work and decide upon a corrective action. Hardy-Rib was designed with strong trapezoidal ribs to increase strength and ease handling and installation. Galvalume steel comes in various gauges that determine the quality and price. Through Fastener™ Installation Guide • ©2020 Champion Metal, a Taylor Metal Company Revised 12-20 WOODINVILLE BRANCH 5927 234th St. INSTALLATION MANUAL For Grand Rib-3 / Multi Purpose / & Classic Rib Roofing Panels Metal Roofing Source TOLL FREE 1-877-833-3237 It is the responsibility of the erector to ensure the safe installation of this product system. Options & Specifications Panel Coverage: 36" Rib Height: 3/4" Rib Features: Bell top trapezoidal rib on 9" centers Standard Gauge(s): 26 ga, 29 ga Available Substrate(s): Open Framing, Solid Substrate Fastener(s): Exposed Fastened Standard Finish(es): PVDF (Kynar 500®), MS Colorfast45®, Acrylic Coated Galvalume®, B ��O��^�·�R���$,Q�*�sd�o|���S_�����>[���a�_ �"�@]ʕ�����|��|��D�"�� ���s��@X$d��"J�. Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation is not responsible for the performance of the roof system if it is, not installed in accordance with the suggested instructions referenced in this installation manual or in the, product overview. © 2012–2020, manualsdir.comAll rights reserved. PDF (929 KB) Pro-Rib Fencing Install. [/PDF/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI/Text] Tuff-Rib® was designed with strong ribs to increase strength and ease handling Installation Instructions - Post Frame Installation Guide (1.8 Mb, 47pg) Add to Package. Zincalume® Plus Info Sheet. Kynar 500® Data Sheet Specifications.

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