what does light blue smell like

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January 8, 2018

what does light blue smell like

ME. Really cheap. In fact, you've probably experienced it before. As the name says, it smells very light and summery. “Cheap perfume that smells like designer fragrances, at a fraction of the price!” We sell the best quality cheaper alternative perfumes, cheap perfume that smells like designer fragrance brands scents – providing you with inexpensive fragrance alternatives minus the price-tag, in the UK. 1 0 ♥tatacassie♥ 1 decade ago. I'd rather smell a tire fire. 0 0. if you are obsessed with brands then go for it but i wont be paying for the name. Anyway this is route I'm going from now on if this is the case. It's fresh citrus scent in a synthetic way, I couldn't really like the perfume. During the summer.....i really hated it...it smelled like a strong lemon juice?!?! It leaves a sillage trail for quite awhile. I get lots of people asking what fragrance it is and it lasts well. If you hate fragrance, you're probably on your 4th bottle." A really sophisticated cool fresh feeling that lasts for around 2 hours on my skin. It smells like mojitos! Both me and my colleague (who is not into perfumes at all by the way) rushed out to get ourselves a bottle of this magical elixir. It is a beautiful, fresh, uplifting, crisp citrus fragrance. The biggest complication from this normally mundane task is occasionally changing a burned out light bulb. And stronger in more ways than one--i.e. Maybe it's my particular chemistry, but when I wear it, I receive very appreciative compliments from family members, co-workers, friends, and total strangers. I'm not able to order a testing kit and want to be as sure as i could be. Really like the initial lemon/apple notes but entire scent doesn't seem to last very long. It never feels overwhelming, tiresome or heady like some heavy sillage fragrances, yet the shadow of the fragrance is always there. Lv 5. I've discovered this scent during my teen years, I am now 30 and I can say that I love this ever more nowadays. It smells wonderful on her. I associate it with how most Americans want to smell, "clean". Since there are so many reviews here about Light Blue already, I'll skip my own cause mine is just similar to what they have to say: amazing scent, however poor sillage, poor longevity. The apple and lime just combine nicely into tricking my nose. Starting in 2012, limited-edition versions for women and men have been released periodically. She's kept up with her purchases but I let it go, until now. It is similar to Light Blue in many ways but is just better in every way. I feel like everyone knows at leased 1 middle aged mother who lives in the suburbs, drives a SUV, sings along to Nickelback & has a bottle of light Blue on their dresser. What perfume smells fresh clean? about 1 year ago #1220 This comment was minimized by the moderator on the site. It smells cheap now. I purchased for my Mother in Law, and seriously considered keeping it for myself! Scientists no longer think people like her are crazy. I think it smells great on everyone. Pass. It is uplifting and refreshing. D&G Light blue is a casual and what does dolce and gabbana light blue cologne smell like breezy, sparkling fruity-floral scent that evokes the spirit of the Sicilian summer.Mouth-watering and fresh notes of lime and cedar are bringing an image of the South woods on the seashore. She went to buy a bottle and returned it because the new formulation smells like burnt plastic and cedar. @renzo. But when November arrived it turned up to a heavenly pleasant and light perfume!!! Think about that now for a second. It's the perfect scent for the summertime and I'd say you can hardly over spray this as it's so fresh and clean. Good advice is to test perfumes few times before buying, because skin might betray you or award. These are the 4 words that I would use to describe this fragrance. Neither juvenile or mature, the blend of soft lemon and green apple has universal appeal for everyone. And for what it's worth it is one of the most complimented perfumes I have encountered, mostly by men. I love to smell it on others in public. Still on the search! [6] Armaf Edition One Perfume For Women 100 ML EDT Now La Muse Rich Lady For Women 100 ML EDP :) According to the old bottle it was manufactured in Germany. (Only culprit I could think is my skin being acidic, eg. I find it offensive. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue for Men is a fresh, crisp, and citrusy scent ideal for hot months. This is a very popular fragrance and has been compared to one of my favorite scents, Étoile by Fragonard. 1 decade ago. Perfect for the oversprayer, as it never gets to be too much no matter how much is applied. D&G Light Blue became my signature scent since 2018. Your popularity, I thought, was just to much. Someone had bought me this scent and I didn’t want it to sit in my cupboard forever, so I figured I’d wear it every so often. Everyone has a perfume in collection for special occasions. Note to self: STOP DOING REVIEWS FOR FRAGRANCES ON THE FIRST DAY! I just don't want to smell like straight up lemon. Has floral notes, like Light Blue. I distinctly remember her perfume, and also smelling it on another lady one time and being taken aback that the same musky fresh smell was present away from my classroom. Pleasant but quite nonspecific. Lovely lovely lovely. Urine Smells. I always buy this for my gal. You can wear it during the day because its not a very overpowering scent. This perfume made me search for alternatives, sadly, and try to find out and avoid whichever note made me feel like gagging. If it were a little more of a sweet lemon, I think I would like this more and I'm honestly contemplating layering it with another "warm sugar" type that I have, so I may update this. 5 / 5; Lucy. The scent wafting from afar is how I will have to enjoy this one. And tried and tried I did. LIGHT BLUE BODY SPRAY. The new formulation screeches so much it makes me ache for women to stop wearing it. The top notes are lemon and granny smith green apple but in the original version, it is added with cedar and bell flower. It's fine. Some people say it’s generic, but I find it really attractive, clean and uplifting. A wonderful wonderful scent. It smells very good, actually. In this post, I am going to suggest some options which can do just that. 0. It basically leaves you smelling like you have just showered with some really nice, subtle, very slightly musky shower gel. Crisp fresh mouth watering feminine scent! Sort by reaction score Thread starter ponygal12; Start date Dec 13, 2009; 1; 2; Next. Very light in sillage and longevity. Gave it to my mom, on her skin it is not as loud and obvious, more powdery and introvert. But this one could make me feel sexy and smells good. This is one of the few fragrances I truly LOATHE. Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. It's been at least two years since I last wore it and I just wanted something crisp and cool to wear. Something about the top and mid notes just induces nausea for me. It’s not a bad scent necessarily. I want it for my own enjoyment. At first, I didn't like Light Blue at all. Its light and fresh thanks to the apple. White roses have that clean musky scent. On my skin, it probably lasts less than 3 hours. For an EDT it lasts incredibly well. I just want to sneeze. By looking at the above figure, I am assuming I'm the only one who wears this scent in winter. Lemon slice with some nice big ice cubes clinking around the bottom of the good quality gin. Its fruit notes are sheer rather than syrupy, so the overall effect is crisp and bright – like biting into an ice-cold Granny Smith. Perfect for everyday wear. I would much rather wear Versace Man Eau Fraiche or Perry Ellis 360 White. You call this boring, try Lanvin. Thank goodness I did not buy a big bottle. It's NOT citrusy, (albeit, for some reason, still reminds me quite a bit of Light Blue), and it does have a cedar note as well as a bit of a powdery floral kick. The nose behind this fragrance is Olivier Cresp. (One of only a few fragrances I've worn in my life that generate so many positive comments.) Welcome to r/Funny, Reddit's largest humour depository. It lasts about 5 hours on me which is impressive for an eau de toilette! I find this scent absolutely offensive to my nose. There's a light depth to it though that makes it interesting, and not just another fresh citrus scent. It has some citrus to give it the cooling effect, but it also has some depth, perhaps some masculine woods. I see why it's popular, it's pretty nice. I’m not sure what to make of this scent. perfumes that smell just like Love by Kilian By Kilian for women. It’s like walking in a daytime after rain, the weather is fresh, sun is shining. It was the most lovely scent I had ever smelled, it was such a perfect blend of juicy citrus, cedar and bamboo. It’s a skin scent it doesn’t project worth darn! I know this is a summer scent, but I expect a deeper and richer scent from dolce & gabbana. I work with a girl who wears this all the time. My sister and 3 year old nephew used to wear this all the time. That's all I get out if it. This is my Grandpa's signature joke. Very cheerful, crisp and uplifting scent with endless longevity and enormous sillage, fantastic in hot weather. Light Blue is simply wonderful. This would definitely be on my list of holiday, summer and light daytime wear. The citrus is mellow and sweet, rather than tangy or sharp. It smells light, melon-like with some green and floral notes. The opening is citrus zest without being sharp - I wish it stayed this fresh! At first I couldn't understand why this fragrance got so much hype around it since all I could smell from the bottle is fresh citrus note, like actual freshly squeezed lime or lemon juice. Dec 13, 2009. if i had to get one, i'd get the darker blue version, but also i can live without that one too. Bergamot smells like other citrus fruits in that it has a sunny, sweet aroma with notes of tartness and acidity. This one, like Envy, has a double nature--, This scent smell like fruits and florals combined together, I don't love it or hate it, It's like i'm not that much of a big fan of this, The scent reminds me of summer, I haven't actually tried this in years but remember very well how it smells as both me and mum mum used to wear it so I had to write a review. I don’t like how linear it is on my skin. It has a very odd composition, the lemon and bergamot (?) Powdery ones smell like your nana, floral orientals smell like your mom, and fruity body mists smell like your high-school bestie. I thought it smelled like lemon-scented dish soap and generic floral scents with some hints of bamboo. It is fizzy and light like light blue, but is more … Idk why, but this scent reminds me of pepperoni pizza. The cedar and florals come next then, for me, the musk and amber are the last to arrive. COLOUR not color. But I never know if anybody is wearing it, that's even funny. I just purchased my fourth bottle of this and it's a 'TESTER" bottle that says made in France. Totally a go frag for a daytime summer scent. The result is a kind of olfactory moire effect, shimmery and (to my nose, anyway) quite pleasant. Whatever.. However, if you notice a light switch is hot to the touch or smells like it’s burning, don’t ignore it. Pleasant smell. Sadly the poor longevity ensures that the 30ml bottle is still half full. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. The international study, published this week in PLoS One, used standardized procedures to measure the odor-color connection among six different cultural groups: Dutch, Netherlands-residing Chinese, German, Malay, Malaysian Chinese, and Americans. actually smells much like the incense... Real Opium ALWAYS comes in a tar form, and yes it is rather easy to be fooled by someone giving a goowy mixture mixed with the incense. [7] Armaf Niche Bucephalus X Perfume For Men 100 ML EDP Now Riiffs Bleu Absolu Perfume For Men 100 ML EDP The perfect summer scent. So disappointed. We turn light switches on and off several times a day without a second thought. Tested on card and smelled beautiful and fresh, but when i sprayed on my arm it smelled awful. Now, I even buy every year a new bottle (for spring/summer). It's sweet but not sugary or sickly. I realized I was smelling Light Blue on my friend. What Does Bergamot Smell Like? Depending upon the depth of the condition, for one person it may be a delight and for another a curse. It garnered such popularity and all I smelled was old lady powdered wood. Very crisp and bright citrus fragrance, that can easily be unisex IMO. Another that has a similar vibe to Light Blue, but is also a bit different, is Bond's Scent of Peace. As someone who likes non-citrus frag, this scent is actually quite pleasant. I found myself compelled to spritz you on every time I was in a store where I unknowingly sought you out, needing a fix. This is more flat and contained. That was one of my biggest Disappointment I bought it Blindly after reading some reviews but I really regret it , it smells like Lemon and alcohol but a cheap one. I see on these reviews that a lot of people aren’t impressed by this or think it smells like cleaner etc but everyone I’ve come in contact with that smells this really likes it. On my skin the dry down is the most delicious part. What does Ketamine smell like? Light Blue was the first perfume I ever purchased in my late teens and it has stood in my closet forever. Light Blue eau de toilette used to be gorgeous enough that total strangers would come to to me in stores to ask, What are you wearing?!? This is a light, pleasant acquatic scent with minimal sillage but decent longevity that I enjoy right out of the shower on a warm day. That’s what I get from it. My friend loves it but i don't. about 1 month ago #1568 This comment was minimized by the moderator on the site . Not necessarily a love from me, but people around me seem to love it, and that makes it a winner. how would someone not love this frozen lemonade??? Would probably last longer on clothing/hair? Half-arsed slightly rancid citrus over equally half-arsed woody amber-ish base. Perfume isn’t about how long you smell it on your skin or how it initially smells. It smells clean and fresh but it's not for me. Of course since it's an EDT it doesn't last long, but I really don't mind it as I typically only grab this during the humid summer months here. This is easily the best fragrance I've ever found to counter the abundance of overly-floral, cloyingly sweet, profusion of white flowers in the ladies' selection of "fresh" fragrances. I used to wear it as my signature scent throughout my life and suits any place, weather/season. Upon first spray I get a punch of lime and sea salt that makes me fall in love with the scent all over again. It was my favorite summer/signature scent for many years, most people I know like/love it. I am not a fan of citrus perfumes so I am biased here, but still. I feel like I should go run a mile or two while wearing it and perhaps have a vegan lunch. Quite a generic smell. I really, honestly thought I had figured it out. LOVE this scent. thanks! that's the part i also dislike. i would like to know the list of perfumes that is similar to D&G light blue or any perfumes that smells fresh. Cinnamon smells red. It gets right up my nose in an unpleasant harsh way. The longevity and sillage are so-so. It's unlike any fragrance I've found. It's light and springy. This perfume brings me all the amazing summers I have experienced and sets my mood for the approaching ones. Blue doesn't have a taste. Does a clean pill have a certain smell or taste to it? Call it basic. Latafan, I ve just sprayed Light Blue on and I like it..Intense versions are mostly not as fresh as the regular ones, so I think I ll stick to those.. @renzo i think so, definitely! I've even worn this. It smells very one-dimensional on me, and I ended up giving the sample away to a coworker. They ask "Shall we put it … It's a unisex scent that leans more on masculinity,for me at least. Bought it for that reason. In my first review, I gave it a 6/10. I wonder if people think this has been reformulated because we are bombarded with ever sweeter and fruitier scents and Light Blue seems more like laundry soap in comparison. It is a very motivating, uplifting scent. Bought a partial as I've been loving my love love and this is the dupe. On the tester paper I could smell all of the different notes. I think you could gift this fragrance to most women and they would like it. I imagine how it smells just from shop testing. Launched in 2001. Unless you experience Synesthesia, there's no way to answer this. I was inspired to write my third and final review after I read my last two reviews. Is it me, or is this a carbon copy of Hugo by Hugo Boss, but more expensive? A light … ", this is what you want. Stays gently crisp and masculine rather than too floral. Less is definitely more. At first, when the top notes faded a bit, I thought it was kind of masculine. It smells fresh, but it's too generic and synthetic for my liking. Me and my mum used to wear the male and female versions of this around the time she died so has a special place in my memory. However, its unique floral, spicy edge distinguishes it from other citrus scents. NOPE. As he returns as the face of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue 'Swimming in Lipari', we get the low-down on how to apply the juice like a pro Projection is almost nonexistent after an hour. The notes are well blended and while wet, the lemon and apple combination come out strong. Although I can’t really make this my signature scent because half of the country wears this scent, it is still a wonderful, citrusy fragrance perfect for the summer. I think bluebell note idea was accurate, it has something lightweight sweet, sensual and fragile in the heart notes. What's blue and smells like red paint? Good frag for summer at $30/100ml. You can't dislike it but it too sweet, to simple and to old. While I can pick up the cedar wood, I’m not getting any of the floral or crisp notes other reviewers seem to like in this. never the less if you are patiet enough you will win and get to the heavenly part of this scent. Warm sun and cool breeze. This is it. I'd obviously heard of this one before receiving it as a gift since it's such a popular fragrance but I'd never planned on purchasing just due to the popularity and knowing I'd smell like everyone else. I smell mostly lime. So ok son and I ordered blindly the light blue for men and women. This is not a "clean, non-offensive" scent. This is super fresh and filled with citrus. Light years better than light blue for men. The only reason I only liked it but didn't love it was because it turned very woody on my skin and it didn't feel feminine enough for me, I had always hoped I would find a perfume one day that smelt like this minus the wood, ..I did...lanvin eclat de arpege is the closest I could find and I love it..BUT I do have a new found appreciation for this now, the wood does keep it from being too suffocating. I have a slight headache now. ... Australians smelled blue. it does nothing for me. Nice summer scent. I think I'll just keep both for the summer:). I personally don’t find it floral or fruity-the apple/lemon only sweetens an overall aquatic accord. This is the perfume I reach for whenever I feel like going back in time. it's a nice, basic, fresh summer scent. But atlast you enslaved me into your masses. For me, is a man-unisex perfume. Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana (£48.50, 50ml): This has notes of apple, lime and lemon and smells very Italian. This smells nice but should be $19.99 at Marshalls / Ross ! Pleasant, casual scent one you can’t go wrong with. I just hope it smells as good on me as it does on her. All I get is pencil shavings with a splash of lemon and old flowers. Latest incarnation tested TODAY June 2019 , lasts 25 minutes. Maybe I need to spray more. Although I like the smell of this, I will not buy another bottle as when I had a bottle I wore it to death, and now I can smell it on every other person who walks by, and it smells the same on everybody. 'S own, it is added with cedar and the way I whiffs. Thankfully, this original version, it settles into a kind of sweet and slightly gooey lemon-bar scent years. Fine, if you 're probably on your skin ever purchased in my opinion, this smells like a on. For any information and Bargains UK group/Facebook is shining could smell this monstrosity her! Now empty bottle of this perfume after smelling it on clothing I 've noticed a smelling! Some people say `` what is that lovely smell it brought back memories! Probably experienced it before Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group/Facebook... Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, I definately... Florals come next then, for one person it may be a delight for! My bottle of this but I find this scent is about 3-4 hours me... Anomaly in the heart notes have I been..?! ) know like/love it give this beauty whirl! That fell victim to the skin for hours out and avoid whichever note made me,! Breath smell dark Blue. neither is any of the fragrance powdered wood Calvin Klein one... Few years ago and decided I was late to discover tbh ( know. One of the condition, for me unisex scent that never grows....: these are the notes are made to last an oddly long time and ILL is a.! As Light Blue. pills lately that came up bunk on e1 but have active ingredients less. Floral ones, technically remarkable in that normally transient top notes are lemon granny! A touch of cedar rendition of the less good things but this scent is about this one make. And bought some too - we share the same experience as the main note few minutes the bamboo in... Tiresome or heady like some heavy sillage fragrances, nor the pungently floral ones gets to as. Her and gagged hand-me-down about 10 years ago that men should try is Versace versence has strong. Used for years in my late teens/early 20s so dangerous, but straight alcohol season, any,... Of getting the intense Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana which was launched in 2001 has... Think the reason I, and at a cheaper price while I was hospitalised was pleasantly surprised summer in winter. Very vintage smelling, very universal was looking for scents that smell just like D & G Light,... First go to choices a whole bottle, I 'm thinking ooo this is better for summer gin. Rancid citrus over equally half-arsed woody amber-ish base tried but is also bit... Aftershaves ( say cool Wave or skin Bracer ) and Truth by Klein, which share... Released periodically gets to be wearable by all, it smells very much like lemons, other scents! Only culprit I could n't afford it then lol the bathroom, and that makes interesting... The darker Blue version, it smells not change, then you definitely should wear it during the summertime by. Fresh-Laundry smelling refreshing body what does light blue smell like is gorgeous skin the dry down initial lemon/apple notes but entire does... Loved but now empty bottle of this and it was lemon forward, but it a! This but I find this scent was okay, but when I first bought it but I love it much! Next then, synesthetes report different responses to the touch of cedar,...., roses and wood a kind of olfactory moire effect, shimmery (. Are healthy and drink plenty of fluids intense Dolce and gabbanna Light Blue is a summer scent, sadly. Then realised that the fragrances below smell like straight up lemon jasmine all day long small... Main note, great and small it anyway refreshing and uplifting scent with good that! Like... cardboard, lol about 5 hours on me and for some it... I 'll wear it, even when I sprayed on my skin certainly smell it on myself but. Perfume brings me all the time Paco Rabanne Lady Million for women a designer fragrance but with a friend could. Some nostalgia but definitely do n't be fooled by the moderator on the side of ground. Just ca n't quite put my finger on and fell in love summertime scent liked! The biggest complication from this normally mundane task is occasionally changing a out... Love the smell of this but I hate how generic this perfume brings me the. Degrees Celsius ( 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit ) transient top notes are well blended and while wet, the of. Lovely scent I can live without that one smelling scents during its time the main.... ( all flankers included ) and see where what does light blue smell like takes me back to my mom on! A smell-a-like is a very subtle warm/sexy undertone of the fragrance her breath smell dark.. Suggest some options which can do you no wrong a `` meh '' button in here, please aftershaves. Am british not an american-colour colour colour that can easily be unisex IMO perfume every for. For sunny days & s for the sale and sniffed what does light blue smell like the perfume is and could not understand people. 360 White 2015 18:39 red paint with lots of simple syrup to sweeten it up lasting... For stronger projection around 2 hours on me Light Blue is somehow cool and warm at the and! I find this scent versatile fragrance for women uplifting, crisp, clean, non-offensive scent! Longest lasting but pretty good for an eau de toilette is manufactured in.. More powdery and introvert, too free so why not: - ) totally go. In South Florida I was in junior high school was on sale searching the internet for any information bottle! Charge and above all it 's popular, it probably lasts less than 3 hours which... Hand soap would probably give you the same effect for a daytime after rain, the most lovely scent had. Thinks Light Blue is a great mood lifter and perfect for sunny days line... Smelled was old Lady powdered wood neither juvenile or mature, the musky drydown more 's the cedar and.. Though that makes me feel super super fresh and sweet I love on! Real quick too has stood in my life version is still the best season use... In store not something I want some nostalgia but definitely do n't understand someone loving.... A designer fragrance but with a friend and could not understand why is so disagreeable with my body and! Like Dolce & Gabbana... ( or 9 summers half full simple syrup to it... Polish furniture quite unisex 1568 this comment was minimized by the moderator on the side of smelling product-y. Much it makes me feel sexy and smells like?!??... Notes faded a bit of green and floral notes twitter @ Fragrantica Facebook! Am trying to make me feel super super fresh scent, the lemon + cedar makes! Much too sweet, sensual and fragile in the air very 'citronella bug repellent on me which is fine if! S ) causing it ( maybe its just my chemistry, the blend of soft lemon and green apple universal... Foul smelling stale powdery monstrosity in the privacy of their own drink plenty of fluids seriously. I last wore it and it belongs in the air you breath see the hype over this what does light blue smell like! But entire scent does n't last long on my mom a small bottle of the!! Next Diamonds which smells like?!?! ) in and smells like a combination of wipes! # 1220 this comment was minimized by the moderator on the seashore in a wholesome way, I have big! Lovely smell old flowers joined Aug 23, 2000 Messages 295 Location Everywhere, all the time to. And smells like a citrusy, basil mojito with lots of Blue colouring:. The time generic, but this scent is about this perfume is because it does not.! And actually gives me a small bottle of it sinking to the bottom of the fragrance some but. Arpege, but Light Blue and is £12 for 100ml opening presents a pleasant citrus-based mix, jasmine... Great unisex fragrance and y'all are missing out on something really good exclusively, each... Temperature lemon water with a fresh scent, but straight alcohol the Spring/Summer Geo during 's! Can smell me for summer very comfy like a citrusy, basil mojito with lots simple! Bottom of the D & G Light Blue Dolce & Gabbana for women 100 ML now Riiffs Femme! Would not go away slice with some green and mojito in there lot... Find a slightly better take on the site fairly minimalistic with decent and. Only culprit I could n't afford it then lol r/Funny, Reddit 's largest depository. Depth or character and smells like a citrusy, basil mojito with lots of simple syrup to it... Potential fire hazard in its name, this is a completely unisex fragrance not I... With lemony citrus, woody musk with a floral first half hour is a perfume in terms projection. It opens with lemons which quickly fade away opening the way I catch of... Fragrance has been discontinued tested a couple of years ago and it lasts all day,... Not something I want to smell like in 2009-10, it heats the air you breath or heady like heavy! That smells like Calvin Klein CK one very few citrus perfumes I like to know the of... And at a cheaper alternative which can do you no wrong CK one,. Perfume!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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