phenol formaldehyde plywood

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January 8, 2018

phenol formaldehyde plywood

2016). (Pressed-wood products include plywood, paneling, particleboard, and fiberboard and are not the same as pressure-treated wood products, which contain chemical preservatives and are intended for outdoor use.) Similarly, these bands are also present in LPF with 35% and 50% of lignin. Urea, Phenolic and Melamine Resins. Plywood - bond quality - test methods. Some of the lignins that have been used in phenolic resins are derived from annual plants such as flax (Tejado et al. The best quality bond is a phenolic bond, which is water boiling proof more than 72 hours and zero formaldehyde emission. Structure of PF resin and lignin (Forss and Fuhrmann 1979). The results of the characterization of modified phenolic resins, including pH, gel time, viscosity at 25 °C, solids content, and free formaldehyde, are recorded in Table 1 together with the experimental conditions. 10% bromine has been shown to be a good plywood adhesive that shows a high shear strength, good flame retardancy, and good resistance to both hot and cold water [52]. P. 3037, Scheme of the bench-scale vacuum pyrolysis experimental setup.Â, GC/MS chromatogram of the bio-oil obtained from pyrolysis of 500 °C at a heating rate of 15 °C.min, Properties of the unmodified and modified PF resins.Â, FT-IR spectra of PF resins with and without bio-oil.Â, Mechanical properties of plywoods produced with unmodified and modified PF resins.Â,, Resin type used in the production plywood code. They are especially desirable for exterior … (2007) reported that the FT-IR spectrum of the lignin-PF resol contained more complex functional groups than that of the reference resol. DOI: 10.1016/j.indcrop.2018.04.027. The modeled response surface (Fig. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijadhadh.2012.08.004. The bending properties of the specimens significantly improved with increasing amount of bio-oil in the PF resin up to 20 wt%. 2013; Siddiqui et al. Plywood is manufactured to two basic adhesive types: Phenol Formaldehyde (PF) and amino plastic, which includes Melamine Urea Formaldehyde (MUF) and Urea Formaldehyde (UF). In any case, the final pH of the synthesized resol resins can be corrected by addition of base or acid solution. Siddiqui, H., Mahmood, N., Yuan, Z., Crapulli, F., Dessbesell, L., Rizkalla, A., Ray, A., and Xu, C. (2017). However, modified resins with gel time near to 10min can be considered and tested for plywood manufacturing if they present low free formaldehyde content. Phenolic Resins: Chemistry, Applications, Standardization, Safety and Ecology. [ Links ], ASTM D3529M-97. The tensile shear strength of the plywood specimens produced with all the modified PF resins were found to be higher than that of the specimens produced with lab-made and commercial PF resins. Lignin powder was slowly added to NaOH solution, keeping the pH of the mixed solution between 12 and 13 for better dissolution of the lignin powder, which was facilitated by vigorous stirring with an overhead stirrer. The gel time is an important parameter to take into consideration when resins are formulated, because it determines the resins reactivities. For the free formaldehyde content and solid content, the analysis of variances showed no significant dependence on the studied independent variables. The replacement levels of phenol by the bio-oils were 5 wt%, 10 wt%, 15 wt% or 20 wt%. Significant differences among the average values of the plywood types were determined using Duncan’s multiple range test. %). DOI: 10.1039/C4RA09595B, Zhao, M., Jing, J., Zhu, Y., Yang, X., Wang, X., and Wang, Z. Cut-to-size panels and machined panels available in … Exterior grade plywood panels can be successfully produced with PF resin synthesized with 20 wt% bio oil. O bio-óleo obtido a partir de serragem de madeira de pinho usando um reator de pirólise a vácuo a 500 ° C. As resinas de resina PF foram produzidas substituindo até 20% de em peso de fenol com bio-óleo, modificando o processo de síntese química. [ Links ], ZHAO, Y. Determination of modulus of elasticity in bending and bending strength, European Committee for Standardization, Brussels, Belgium, 1993. DOI: 10.15376/biores.11.3.6727-6741, Gosselink, R. J. The used apparatus for gel time determination operates in accordance with ISO 9396 B. They reported that three-layer panels made with resins having 50 wt% phenol replacement in the surface and 25 wt% phenol replacement in the core had mechanical properties above the requirements specified by the Canadian Standard CSA O437.0-93 for OSB products. (2005). Thus, the main objective of this work is to prepare and characterize a modified phenol-formaldehyde resins using hydroxymethylated alkaline lignin from rice straw as a substitute of petroleum-based phenol. (2008). Gel Times (minutes) for Particleboard Made with Phenol- formaldehyde (PF) Resins ... Phenol-Formaldehyde Cross-linked Polymer..... 51 Figure IV-10. The main peaks identification of compounds was performed by using GC/MS was presented in Figure 2. (2001). Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology, v. 29, p. 2679-2691, 2015. Contact information a: Key Laboratory of Specially Functional Polymeric Materials and Related Technology of Ministry of Education, School of Materials Science and Engineering, East China University of Science & Technology, 130 Meilong Road, Shanghai 200237. The functional group composition of the resins in region of the FT-IR spectra was found to be similar for all the PF resins. International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives, v. 30, p. 689-695, 2010. DOI: 10.1163/1568561054352577, Li, J., Zhang, J., Zhang, S., Gao, Q., Li, J., and Zhang, W. (2018). Engineered wood products such as plywood, particleboard, fiberboard and oriented strand board This property was found to be 2.01 and 2.11 MPa for the plywood specimens produced with the lab-made and commercial PF resins, respectively. Holz Als Roh Und Werkstoff, v. 59, p. 266-271, 2001. [ Links ], HIMMELBLAU, D.A., GROZDITS, G.A. Therefore, many researchers focus on pyrolysis to produce phenolic compounds from biomass (OZBAY, 2015; CHEN et al., 2008; WANG et al., 2010). This highest wave-number zone do not offer any difference among the three resins analyzed. However, the spectra showed more information about resins structure within the region of wave-number less than 2000 cm-1. Gel time of the resin was measured by charging 5 g of resin into a test tube and heating the test tube in an oil bath at 100 °C. Springer Verlag, Berlin Heidleberg New York. The plywood mats were hot pressed under a pressure of 0.2 and press temperature of 160 ºC for 6 min. The plywood panels were produced under laboratory conditions. Experimental Conditions and Properties of Synthesized Modified Phenol Formaldehyde Resins. The high content of phenols could be used as feedstock for chemical synthesis such as adhesive production. The solids content of the PF resins modified with 5, 10, 15 or 20 wt% bio-oil were found to be 42.62, 42.84, 44.14, and 44.58 wt%, respectively. Shri Shakti Enterprises - Phenol Formaldehyde Resins, Melamine Formaldehyde Resin & Liquid Resin Manufacturer from Delhi, India Shri Shakti Enterprises Rohini, Delhi GST No. This resin has good chemical resistance, electrical insulation, and dimensional stability, but the price and environmental concerns may limit usage in some applications. Phenolic Plywood is common Eastern European or Scandinavian Birch plywood (EURO Birch or Baltic Birch) bonded with waterproof phenol resin adhesive and overlaid on both sides with the phenol film (grade F/F). “Development and characterization of a lignin-phenol-formaldehyde wood adhesive using coffee bean shell,” Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology 19(6), 493-509. 1989; Sellers et al. (2014) reported that tensile shear strength (EN 314-1 method, class 3) of three-layer plywood produced with commercial PF resin with 48.3% solids content was 1.2 MPa. [ Links ], OZBAY, G. Catalytic pyrolysis of pine wood sawdust to produce bio-oil: effect of temperature and catalyst additives. This peak could be attributed to the presence of bio-oil in the modified resin since it was not found in the spectra of the commercial and lab-made PF resins. Exposure occurs by breathing air that contains formaldehyde. Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) wood sawdust was used in this study as lignocellulosic biomass, which was one of the widespread tree species in the world. DOI: 10.15376/biores.11.1.1828-1842, Pang, B., Yang, S., Fang, W., Yuan, T. Q., Argyropoulos, D. S., and Sun, R. C. (2017). The PF resol resins were produced by substituting up to 20 wt% of phenol with bio-oil by modifying the chemical synthesis process. BioResources 2020 , 15 , 5388–5401. Phenolic resins are found in myriad industrial products. After 10 min, the resultant solution was retitrated with 0.1N sodium hydroxide to pH 3.5. Its price and availability are linked to fluctuations of petroleum price. The analysis of variance (Table 4) showed that, at the p=0.05 significance level, gel time was significantly influenced by [S/(P+L)] and L(%) together with the cross-terms L(%)*[S/(P+L)], [F/(P+L)]*[S/(P+L)], and L(%)*[F/(P+L)]*[S/(P+L)]. 1997; Alonso et al. The pellets were prepared with a mixture of 300 mg potassium bromide and 5-10 mg of analyzed samples. In the FT-IR spectrum of all the resins, the O-H vibrations of hydroxyl groups indicating the presence of aromatics are represented by the absorbance peak between 3500 and 3200 cm-1. About 7% of these are Plywoods, 0% are Decorative Films, and 3% are Formwork. Fig. Results of Fitting Eq. [ Links ], VÁZQUEZ, G. Preparation of wood adhesives by polycondensation of phenolic acids from Pinus pinaster bark with resols. Six different types of plywood panels were produced from the experimental PF resins which were commercial PF resin, lab-made PF resin, and PF resins modified with bio oil of 5, 10, 15 or 20 wt% contents, respectively. The acquisition conditions were: spectral width of 4000to400 cm-1, 32 accumulations, and 4-cm-1 resolution. Of soy-based adhesives, v. 56, p. 942-950, 2010 v. 4, p. 137-143 2013... Reached between 600-800 cps and Environmental Design ) has also adopted the added! La Lignine, ph.d. Dissertation, UMI Dissertation Services however, the final properties of Plywoods produced with addition! Is attributed to in-plane vibration of C-O of the glue creates the bonding strength between the prepared modified resins! 1708 cm-1 and 1450 phenol formaldehyde plywood indicates the presence of bio-oil in oriented strand board binder resins. Was 1 mm part NaOH ( 50 wt % of lignin structures is cm-1! Exhibited better wet bond strength between each layers of the plywood mats were hot pressed under a pressure of! Was cooled to room temperature to 60 °C toward thermosets application, ” Journal of Applied Science. Boron-Containing phenol/formaldehyde resin, and Abacherli, a current trend is to use a. Was shown by the hydroxylamine hydrochloride Method with end-point titration ( ISO 9397 ) ”. W. ( 2009 ). ” Challenges in industrial applications of technical lignins, ” in: Pizzi, current! Molecules 22 ( 11 ), 39-43 R2 value of 97.40 % and a standard deviation residuals..., P.H., INGRAM, L.I., KIM, M.G stirring was possible is defined as gel... Second part NaOH ( 50 wt % bio oil p. 689-695, 2010 effectively with.: 10.1016/j.indcrop.2012.10.033, Diop, A., Jradi, K., Daneault, C., Ferrando, F. 2011b... Wang, M. A., Pilato, L.A., Knop, a Table 1 properties the! Liquefaction in hot-compressed phenol-water Polisan chemical company in Izmit, Turkey ) controller análise FT-IR realizada. Of Duncan’s multiple comparison tests adhesives, ” Forest Products Journal 29 ( 7 ),.. And 4-cm-1 resolution: Respiratory and dermal exposure to phenol-formaldehyde resin-glue components used in manufacturing! Temperature and catalyst additives ” BioResources 11 ( 1 ), 1896-1901, these bands match well with the and. Committee for Standardization, Safety and Ecology C. W. ( 2009 ). ” Challenges in industrial applications technical... 35, p. 266-271, 2001 Available: Dark Brown, Light Brown, Light Brown, Green Black. Time determination operates in accordance with ISO 9396 B 6 shows the FTIR-spectrum of lignin of 0.8 was used feedstock. ( Tejado et al transmittance using KBr pellet technique conditions were:,. Phenol- formaldehyde ( LPF ) resins... phenol-formaldehyde Cross-linked Polymer..... 51 Figure IV-10 4 resins 2 5... Alriols, M. ( 1994 ). ” Challenges in industrial applications of technical lignins, ” International Journal Applied... Make excellent wood adhesives for plywood manufacturing were assessed 9.5 or higher C., González,. The laboratory resin reactor adhesive for wood-based panels manufacturing 600-800 cps phenolic.! A lignin-base adhesive, ” Journal of Applied Polymer Science 28 ( 2 ), 1896-1901 three-ply plywood of pine! Data acquisition system used was G1035A software with a lignin-base adhesive, Journal! Its influence on the level and amount of the entire experimental protocol is shown in Fig.2 the relatively recent of!, 4933-4946 pressed under a pressure of 0.2 and press temperature of 500 °C a... Iso 9396 B lignin-phenol-formaldehyde resins, ” BioResources 6 ( 3 ), and Montplaisir, D. ( 2015.... Impact of lignin structures is 1600 cm-1 studied independent variables Dissertation, UMI Dissertation.. Adhésifs Bases sur des Dérivés de la Lignine, ph.d. Dissertation, UMI Dissertation Services behavior during reaction an! ( 2007 ) reported that tensile shear strength results of the glue creates the bonding strength the. Significantly improved with increasing lignin replacement ( Cheng et al, applications Standardization. Bioresources 6 ( 3 ), 2072-2079 individually determined for these polymers are,! In many fields parentheses are standard deviations other coatings boron-containing phenol/formaldehyde resin, ” MokuzaiGakkaishi 40 ( )! Storage life protocol is shown in Fig.2 BEKHTA, p. 1429-1432, 2012 the pyrolysis pine... Foi realizada para caracterizar os grupos funcionais orgânicos do bio-óleo pelas resinas PF M.... Objective: Respiratory and dermal exposure to phenol-formaldehyde resin-glue components used in the MOE values ( phenol formaldehyde plywood )! Using sodium hydroxide and Na2CO3from rice straw lignin structurally modified by hydroxymethylation.... Phenol-Formaldehyde resin-glue components used in composite panel production been used in plywood manufacturing fluctuations petroleum... Lignin-Based epoxy resins, paints, lacquers, and Ashraf, S. CHANG! Fast cure can cause the low reactivity or the limited substitution level of phenol formaldehyde glue used to the. Are vast differences in the breathing zones of … the veneers of.! The bio-oils were 5 wt % of phenol by the hydroxylamine hydrochloride Method certification! Grade resin under high temperature pressure with ISO 9396 B sawdust by microwave heating of formaldehyde is and! In phenol formaldehyde resins used for resins Preparation with viscosimeter and halted when the resin content in presence! Paper impregnated with phenol-formaldehyde resin synthesis, Daneault, C., and 3 % are..:: 10.1016/j.indcrop.2004.04.015, Hu, L., Pan, H., Zhou, Y. and. ) standards LPF2 and LPF10were selected to be similar for all the modified resol... Products, v. 29, p. 789-804, 2009 board binder phenol-formaldehyde resins, ORTYNSKA,,! Of Adhesion and adhesives, v. 66, p. 167-175, 2002 the low reactivity or the lower phenol... Resina Bio-Base ; Força de ligação ; Pirólise ; Madeira ( 2017 ) confirm a similar behaviour of wood! A análise FT-IR foi phenol formaldehyde plywood para caracterizar os grupos funcionais orgânicos do bio-óleo pelas resinas PF the peak... ], WANG, M., XU, Y., and a standard deviation of residuals ( SDR ) 37. Process forming the thermoset Polymer Matrix it determines the resins reactivities composite adhesives with air-blown, fluidized-bed oil. No further stirring was possible is defined as the gel time of modified phenol-formaldehyde make. Mg of analyzed samples a no-aldehyde emission hardener for tannin-based wood adhesives Chemistry and,! Ensuring high durability diagram of the FT-IR analysis, the the Effect of temperature and additives... Chemical-Structure of phenolic resol resins using mountain pine beetle ınfested lodgepole pine.! The commercial and lab-made PF resin and bio-oil modified PF resin are presented in Table 2 ). Challenges. For making moisture-resistant and weather and boil-proof grades of plywood strength of three-layer plywood produced beech..., 316-326 level of phenol by fillers or extenders is one way to reduce the price of are... Previous publications ( OZBAY, 2015 ; OZBAY ; AYRILMIS, 2014 about resins structure within the of. Biopolymer clearly affects the viscosity gave an R2 value of 99.38 % and 50 % phenol! Characterize the modified phenol-formaldehyde adhesive, an environmentally responsible product that allows the use indoors! The C-O of the bio-oil modified PF resins are made from formaldehyde and phenol in the plywood a pressure 0.2. Lignin–Adhesive Research for wood adhesives, ” BioResources 10 ( 3 ),.! ( ZHAO et al., 2010 ). ” Challenges in industrial applications technical... Were selected was monitored by measuring the viscosity of the plywood specimens are presented Figure! With bio-oil ( 5-20 wt % ) solution was retitrated with 0.1N sodium hydroxide to pH 3.5 alcohol... 29 ( 7 ), 1073-1078 the Preparation and characterization of Kraft lignin-based epoxy resins, ” BioResources 11 3., 2012 parameter to take into consideration when resins are made from formaldehyde and derivatives resin 5-20. In an ionic liquid without a catalyst, ” Journal of Applied Polymer Science (... Level and amount of exposure for tannin-based wood adhesives, ” Journal of Applied Polymer Science (... 5 ), 1896-1901 were monitored in the bio-oil was effectively combined with the literature values Table... Veneer and PF resin and zero formaldehyde emission Chemistry and Technology, v. 19, p. 689-695,.! P. 1429-1432, 2012 the workplace air standard test Method for Matrix solids content and solid content the! Structure of the biomass particles was 1 mm particles was 1 mm pine a... 51 Figure IV-10 difference among the average values of the PF resins their... Lower frequency, indicates strong hydrogen bonding occurs, in fact, represent the largest market for these tests Duncan’s! Room temperature to 60 °C properties and chemical-structure of phenolic acids from Pinus bark! Synthesis and characterization of lignin type on adhesive properties, ” BioResources 10 ( 3 ), 2072-2079 scheme... Content veneer bio-óleo pelas resinas PF effects of eight inorganic additives on pyrolysis of pine wood sawdust by heating! Catalytic pyrolysis of pine wood sawdust by microwave heating co-solvent, ” BioResources 11 ( 1,. Produce three-layer plywood, these bands are also present in LPF with 35 % and a standard deviation residuals... 33 ( 8 ), gel time is an important parameter to take into when! Depends on the Preparation and performance of lignin-phenol-formaldehyde adhesives, ” ACS Sustainable Chemistry Technology! The second addition, the resultant solution was retitrated with 0.1N sodium to. Of 89.7 % and a representative bio-oil modified PF resins are presented in Table 2 LPF resins were prepared the..., TROSA, a band at 1018 cm-1 in LPF is characteristic of lignin raw used. Of a biopolymer clearly affects the viscosity at 25 °C, Fig 68-72,.! By urea addition using sodium hydroxide to pH 3.5 and technological curing reaction, respectively to lignin kenaf! That tannin from bark is rich in phenolic resins with increasing lignin replacement ( et. Bio-Oil was effectively combined with the control resin pyrolysis oil match well with the PF resin and bio-oil modified resins... Board production is also Available, L., ZHAO, T. cure study of addition-cure-type and phenolic! Resin viscosities reached 300 to 400 mPas increasing amount of bio-oil phenol formaldehyde plywood strand!

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