italy in october itinerary

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January 8, 2018

italy in october itinerary

By continuing to browse this website you are agreeing to our use of cookies. I love helping my readers plan their travel, so if you need any help please reach out to me on Facebook or Instagram. Italy is a country that is on many travelers’ wish list. We recommend one day in Florence and two days exploring Tuscany. Read my guide to choosing an authentic Airbnb before you book. But shop around and find the best deal because you can begin this Italy itinerary at any point. We are couple planning our vacation to Italy, we will be there for 12 days. Are you planning a trip to Italy? Have you thought of visiting Puglia or hopping a flight to Sardinia or Sicily for something a little different? Hi, my wife and I are planning a 2 week trip to Italy & Greece in October (5 days Greece, 9 days Italy) Plan so far: Fly into Athens-> 3N Athens -> 2N Santorini-> fly to Naples-> 3N Amalfi Coast-> 2N Rome, 2N Florence, 2N Venice-> Fly out . You can purchase tickets right before boarding the Circumvesuviana train so there is no need to buy them in advance. If you are lucky enough to have more than ten days, consider adding more time to Tuscany, Rome, or any of the destinations listed in this itinerary, rather than adding a quick visit to another city. I think 2 days in each location is sufficient. There are numerous hill towns to visit as well as Siena, one of our favorite spots in Italy. You can spend your time here hiking, ferrying across the lake, or visiting Grumello Castle. Yes, it’s popular, but its worth spending at least a few days here. Sometimes the local hidden gems can be your favorite part of your trip to Italy! Chocolate lovers should head to Perugia for this annual event in October. Summer … That was budget to mid-range travel. We are not really sure what to do. I lived in central Italy … There are a lot of wet days and evenings tend to be chilly.-Southern Italy… Here are some ideas of things to do during your time in Venice: This Lakes of Northern Italy itinerary is one of my favorites, and not something that most people try. Great post with lots of helpful information in Italy travel. Italy beaches are known as some of the best in the world, and, in my opinion, most of them are on Sardinia! You can even take a self-guided bike tour of the city. So much to see, so little time. This Italy itinerary allows you to spend a few days in each location, so you can get to know each city a little better. xo Vanessa. There are storage lockers in the Pisa Train station. Take the train from Varenna to Venice (be sure to book San Lucia and not Mestre). To make it a 9 day itinerary, add another day to Rome (since you have very little time in Rome how this itinerary is written). Europe - Help with 2 week itinerary in Italy in October - Hello, We are a family of four with two teenagers. On more than one occasion, the bus failed to show up, leaving us stranded on the side of the road. Later, when you transfer to Verona, it is a 2-hour drive from Bolzano and a 3.5-hour drive from Cortina d’Ampezzo. Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, is a must for your classic trip to Italy. With one and a half to two days in Venice (depending on what time you arrive on day 1), you have just enough time to explore the best of Venice and visit Murano, Burano, and/or Lido Island. Here are some ideas for your 3 days in Rome: You can take a direct train from Rome to Florence in under an hour and a half. Trains are usually faster and cheaper, once you factor in the time it takes to get to and from the airport with security checks. They all have their own special charm, and they also all have their own pros and cons. While it’s tough to say just which are the best places to visit in Italy, because, let’s be honest, all of Italy is so dang amazing, I do have some personal favorite Italy vacations. We plan to visit Italy from October 14th till 29th. Visit Naples, Amalfi, Island of Capri, and Sicily. There’s lots of great markets throughout Italy where you can prepare your own meals at a fraction of a cost of sitting down at a restaurant. However, for many people, it might be easier and cheaper to fly into Rome, which is why I have the itinerary written the way it is. Etna, The Ionian Coast, and Cefalú. If you add on another city, you will get to “see” a lot, but you will end up spending most of your time in Italy on the train. You can fly to Sicily or take the ferry over. This is already a very busy schedule. Look for cooking classes near you and try local food. There are parking garages, but they fill up fast and cost a lot, so just be prepared and bring cash. Begin your travels home. Hi – We are family of 4 which includes boys age of 5 and 10. Italy's weather is likewise good year-round, certainly among the best in Europe. Our stress-free Italy vacations package together small groups, great guides, central hotels, all sightseeing — and memories to last a lifetime. You’re going to get here and never want to leave. Read my complete guide to Cinque Terre to help you decide which town to stay in. I’ve compiled 5 itineraries for your 10 day trip to Italy. Definitely spend some time in Lake Como!! Keep your preferences in mind when choosing when to go to Italy. This is the fun part, but it can also be pretty stressful. Vanessa. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Some average temperature ranges for different parts of Italy in September are: Northern Italy: 55-75°F (13-24°C) Central Italy: 65-80°F (18-27°C) Southern Italy: 70-80°F (21-27°C) As … Which town you train to will depend on which of the 5 towns you stay in. 7 Days in Sicily: Mt. But for those who want different ideas of how to spend your time in Italy, we have two more recommendations for you. Take your pick from 50 of the world's best travel adventures. Cheers, Julie, Hi,Julie 10 Days in Italy: Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre & Venice, 10 Days in Italy: Rome, Amalfi Coast, Florence & Tuscany, Optional Variation of this Italy Itinerary, 10 Days in Italy: Venice, Dolomites, Verona, San Marino & Tuscany, If you have 14 days, you can visit Rome, Florence, Venice, the Amalfi Coast, and the Cinque Terre. Amalfi does sort of shut down, but it’s also great to see it without hordes of tourists. Let me do all the work for you! Venice and the Cinque Terre did not make this itinerary, but what you are getting is a drive along the stunning Amalfi Coast, a day trip out the beautiful island of Capri, a visit to Pompeii, and an extra day in Rome. How to do this is spelled out in our “Classic” Italy itinerary. It’s a dauntingly diverse and complex … Direct trains take less time but there are many more options that have a transfer in Pisa. Once you’ve decided to spend 10 days in Italy, it’s time to get planning your trip! You can visit Rome, Florence, and Venice in 10 days, but you will not have enough time to also visit Sicily. We are a family of 6 with a similar schedule to yours and are very excited! It has lots of articles and advice to help you plan the perfect trip. If you’re stressing about how to plan a trip to Italy, take a deep breath. There is still so much that you can see just in a day and a half! You can even go hiking if you like. It’s one of the best cities in Italy and unlike anywhere else in the world. Love all your info! I use them both all the time. Back to Milan. It will allow you to see around three sites without getting too worn out, and it’s the average paid vacation time for most Americans. You can also join one of these tours to Tuscany from Florence. ETERNALLY ENCHANTING ROME. This trip is 3 years from now so I have time! There are no direct trains. In my opinion, traveling by train is the best way to travel around Italy and see the country. A full 10 days in Italy gives you enough time to visit several cities in the country and have some in-depth experiences without feeling too rushed. Itinerary DAY DATE PORT; Saturday: October 09th, 2021: Rome, Italy. Rome has something special to offer, no matter your interests or … Read more: Is a Visit to the Blue Grotto Worth It? Wanderlust Guide – Ireland & Scotland Itinerary,,, To najlepšie z Talianska, čo môžete vidieť | MoodBooster, Take the ferry at least once so you can see Cinque Terre from the water, Your first day in Rome is a great day to take a guided tour of the city so that you can get a lay of the land and check the main sites off. Located in the soccer ball of Italy, just off the toe of the infamous boot, Sicily is the largest Meddeteranian island and worth spending a few days on. Please let me know your thoughts on this itinerary… amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Whichever itinerary you choose for your trip to Italy will be wonderful. Food costs around the same as in the US, fuel is a lot more expensive, and accommodation will vary widely. The lakes and northern scenery can be best seen while taking leisurely winding drives around the lakes. Best things to do in Rome, Positano, Venice, Verona, Florence, and Milan are: Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, and Duomo di Milano. However, northern Italy is normally wet and cold, and it’s not unusual for snow to fall, especially in the mountains. The Dolomites are one of the most gorgeous spots in Italy that we have seen. This is perfect if you want to do an Italy road trip through Tuscany. Head to Pisa to see the famed Leaning Tower of Pisa! What tips or tools do you have, or use, for budgeting and planning financially? Be sure to spend some time in the ocean during your time in Cinque Terre. Your email address will not be published. Don’t try to see it all at once. You’ll need to budget for your 10 days in Italy. When it starts to get too busy or hot, go back to the hotel and take a nap! I am so tempted to visit all of them but I will be on a cruise this time. join my Italy Travel Group on Facebook for more helpful tips! Yes, it’s touristy, but worth seeing, especially if this will be your only time in Italy. Time: 1 hour 10 minutesCost: $24- Adults $12- Children. But sometimes the best experience is going slower and visiting fewer cities. It’s some of the most gorgeous scenery you’ll ever see in your life. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; Would you suggest replacing Florence/Tuscany portion of the trip with Perugia? The Only Italy Travel Guide You'll Ever Need, The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Gelato in Italy, How to Save Money for Travel and Afford Your Dream Vacations, How to Travel Europe Like a Pro: 50 Europe Travel Tips You Need to Know Before You Go, 5 Reasons to Make Lake Como Your Next Family Vacation. This is a fantastic guide! Thanks. Take out Cinque Terre. We plan on visiting Italy in the fall and hitting Rome-Amalfi-Naples(Pompeii and Mt.Vesuv)-Florence-Venice. Don’t be discouraged by not being able to do it all. Exploring Tuscany is one of the most classic Italian experiences you can have. Hey Diane! You have to decide how to spend the third day: more time in gorgeous Florence or another day in Tuscany, visiting the small towns and vineyards. Depending on which side of the island you decide to spend most of your time on (remember, it’s huge) either one of these could work for you. How long are you in Italy for? For those who don’t mind skipping some of the more popular cities, this Italy itinerary includes several wonderful, off… Most trains transfer in either Milan or Florence. If you aren’t a big fan of beaches, you could follow our Classic Itinerary. You’ll begin your classic tour of Italy in the capital of Italy. While researching flights, if you find that you don’t have great options from this airport, you might have to return to Rome and fly home from here. It is incredible to wander down a street and suddenly come upon an ancient structure or statue! That’ll give me time to do a day trip to Capri right? Have the best time!! Spend the extra time by cruising out to Murano and Burano or simply wandering the canals some more. Maybe take a day trip every other day from your home base. And why not? You can see our Italy Packing List here. Dave, love your site. You should also spend one full day in Tuscany. It is truly beautiful. Suggested Itineraries in Italy Italy is so vast and treasure-filled that it’s hard to resist the temptation to pack in too much in too short a time. After you’ve had a relaxing day on the Amalfi Coast, it’s time to head to another classic city in Italy: Florence! With these itineraries, we tried to strike a balance between visiting a handful of cities and moving slowly enough to have the best experience. Our classic Italy itinerary includes Rome, Florence, and Venice, with two days in the Cinque Terre. Any suggestions for trimming a few days off the 10 day itinerary and suggestions for Sardinia. Be sure to buy tickets to Venice Santa Lucia and NOT Mestre! Italy is better visited at a slower pace, so you can sample the food, wander the streets, and get the full experience. Spend the last few days of your classic Italy itinerary in Venice. If you want some great tips on traveling Italy, join my Italy Travel Group on Facebook for more helpful tips! If you are straying from any of these Italy itineraries, you really need to do the math and decide if it’s right for you. Thanks! Hi. Read more: 2 Days in Rome: The Perfect Itinerary. Begin your travels home. It is located just south of the Swiss Alps which means there are beautiful mountains surrounding the lake all with incredible views. It’s beautiful at Christmas time. Julie Last updated: December 20, 2020 Italy, Itinerary, San Marino 345 Comments. That sounds perfect! Hubby and I are planning for Sept/Oct 2020 for 2 weeks. Most affordable flights to Italy will take you to Rome. See this list of the best places to see in Italy, Italy Itinerary 10 Days #2: Classic Italy. We are there for 10 days. Any trip to Italy will be amazing, but I wanted to give you a few Italy itinerary options to choose from. For this Tuscany Itinerary, I highly recommend picking a home base in one place and taking day trips from there. The people there are so friendly, the food is amazing, and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking! Read more: 20 Photos that will make you want to visit Venice, Where to Stay in Venice: Best Neighborhoods and Hotels for Your Budget. Spend time on the beach, hiking, visiting ancient ruins, and tasting classic Sicilian food. So if you want to see the big cities, it’s best to go during shoulder season (April-May or September-October). Travel by train to Florence. Is there storage facility at the train station? This allows you to sit back and enjoy the views and the wine without the hassles of parking and navigating between the towns. You can find that here: But taking a train is simple and affordable. If you want to spend most of your time on the beach, you’ll want to go in the summer. Can you share the two itineraries with the rest of your group and take a vote on which one everyone prefers? Summer is peak season so expect huge crowds of people and more expensive accommodations. Hi! Spend your last moments in Italy floating down the canals, getting lost in the winding alleyways, and eating gelato! This is another one of those cities that is perfect for getting lost in (and eating a lot of gelato). Southern Italy: 65-75°F (18-24°C) Visitors in October can expect slightly warm and sunny days while the evenings tend to be cooler. Time: 1 hour 20 minutesCost: $22- Adults $11- Children. Good luck and holler if you need help! Stop into Milan for a quick trip to see the Duomo Cathedral and the Last Supper, which must be booked in advance! The best way to get around is by private driver. For more tips and tricks to help you plan the perfect itinerary, consider reading this article: 7 Things to Know When Planning Your First Trip to Europe. After checking into your hotel (your home base for 3 nights), stroll along the marina, have dinner, and try the limoncello…it’s delicious! There is so much to see in Rome, you’ll be glad you have three days to see it! Some attractions introduce shorter winter hours from October, so be mindful of this when booking. Even so, it will be a very busy three days. This guide is amazing! Naples was dirty, … Planning a trip for 30th wedding anniversary to Italy early to mid-May, have 10 – 14 days flexible. Thanks!! Not a big fan of beaches, so we can skip those. There are beautiful lush gardens and old villas dotting the lake. If you think you’ll only be in Italy once in your life, this is the itinerary for you. It takes just 9 minutes to travel from La Spezia to the first town, Riomaggiore, and trains run very frequently. Super grateful that I came across this! We are a family of three (1 son age 13yo) traveling to Italy in mid/end of May 2020. Any recommendations for this time of the year? You can take a few hours to visit Pisa on the way to the Cinque Terre, but you would be missing out on some valuable time in the Cinque Terre. Every person or group has different preferences and interests. What itinerary would you suggest if we want to see Rome, Venice, Florence, and Sicily? Just a thought. With gorgeous lakeside villas and a relaxing atmosphere, it’s one of the most beautiful places in Italy. Also, why train and not flights? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The best time to go to Italy will be different depending on what you want to do or see. Many will recommend purchasing a Rail Pass for your trip to Italy. The summer vacationers have gone home, the weather has cooled, and it is the perfect time to go. It was also a good base for visiting Pompei, which we really enjoyed. Thank you! It’s not as nice as the faster trains in Italy, but is a convenient, budget friendly option for getting to Pompeii and Sorrento. Cheers, Julie. From Naples it is a 3-hour train ride to Florence. If you need any help planning feel free to email me at [email protected] Hi there. We planned to fly in to Rome, but we’re just wondering if you typically book a flight out from Milan or another city at the end of these itineraries or just take a train back down to Rome for the last day so you can book round trip? As far as planning financially, start saving now. Hey Danny! We are flying into Rome so we will spend some time there, we also plan on going down to the Amalfi coast. The train is a great way to travel through Italy…it’s fast, convenient, and budget friendly. How about indefinitely? We have 10 days flying out of NYC. Bologna has a huge historic district with many arcaded streets, making it comparatively comfortable for wandering around if you get unlucky with the weather; October can be rather … I like the Classic itinerary but also want to incorporate a visit to Perugia area to visit our daughter who is studying there. Sardinia and Sicily are the two largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea and are both worth visiting. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Ty! Once in Naples you will transfer to the Circumvesuviana train. 1)Amsterdam,Brussels and Paris Thank you! Hey Katie. Florence – Tuscany – Cinque Terre – Venice. By Rick Steves. Lake Como is one of the best places in Italy and one of my favorite places on earth. Once in Capri, take a boat tour around the island, enjoy the breathtaking view from Mount Solaro, and explore the Grand Marina. When to go: Shoulder Season (April-May or September-October). Thanks! You’ll be spending the last two days of your Italy trip in the lovely Venice. From Perugia, you can still take day trips to nearby towns in Tuscany. June-August is peak season in all of Italy, and it’s usually very hot. Time:Livorno to Olbia: 8 HoursTrapani to Cagliari: 11 hours Cost:Around $70/person with a car(extra for private room for overnight ferry). Do your best to get adjusted to the time change, visit a few sites in the afternoon, and consider going to bed a little early. You can either take the train and ferry around Lake Como, or you can rent a car. Italy will be great! Learn more tips for finding the best flight deals here. Cheers, Julie. Or even stay in a villa for three nights. My boyfriend and I will be in Italy for 12 days at the end of December and beginning of January. Read more: San Marino: Europe’s Most Underrated Destination? If you play it right, Venice can be a relaxing way to end your trip. Most likely you are arriving in the mid to late afternoon. We get a lot of comments and emails about how to add one or two more destinations to this itinerary. You can also visit Gardaland, a great family amusement park! Grab a pizza and hang out on the Piazza del Campo, the fan shaped public square where everyone comes to enjoy the city. Are you doing Venice? With only 10 days in Italy, it’s tempting to squeeze in as many destinations as possible. Both my friend and I have ancestors from Sicily and really want that on our tour! On this itinerary you have one extra day in Rome. We spent several months and never got sick of it! With lush vineyards, olive groves, and hilltop towns, Chianti is a beautiful region of Tuscany. Cinque Terre is also another amazing place. Time:Naples to Sicily: 5 HoursCost: $40/person (ferry). 1 day for Capri. I never travel without it. Head back to Milan after your wonderful 10 days on the lakes of Italy. This is my favorite way to search for flights because they crawl websites and airlines around the globe, so you always know you’re getting the best deal. You even get to explore a hidden gem of Europe, San Marino. With teens I like to break up the history/culture with some beach time! Enjoy this low-key day exploring this beautiful city. Now you’re on your way to  Lake Como! That’s why I have created five different 10 day Italy itinerary ideas for you. Hi there. Time: 2 hoursCost: $37- Adults $17- Children. Republishing this article and/or any of its contents (text, photography, etc. Italy Tours. We do not recommend the bus. I have also used Allianz. Let me know if you need more help planning! We were also interested in maybe spending a day relaxing at a winery and visiting a hot spring. Renting a house in Tuscany would also be lovely. Any suggestions/or recommendations would be appreciated. You guys will love it! Flights can cost $1000 round trip from the USA. This saves you some time traveling back and forth from Rome to the Amalfi Coast. I recommend picking one and spending a few hours at the beach. All 5 towns are so incredible and they are easily accessible by the trains. It allows you to sit back and relax between destinations, and with the cost of fuel and tolls in Italy, it’s actually the most affordable way to travel Italy. If you are booking a train to the Cinque Terre, you will arrive in La Spezia and then take the local train to one the five towns of the Cinque Terre. Going up to the top is really awesome. My interactive 40 page PDF contains everything you need to pull off this amazing itinerary! Read More:  Hiking the Cinque Terre and The Cinque Terre for Budget Travelers. Along the way, visit the towns of Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello. Welcome to one of my favorite places on earth. I give my recommendation for each itinerary below. ), in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited. I always tell people that once you drive in Italy you can drive anywhere! Where to go in Italy you ask? From there, I recommend either taking the bus system along the coast, hiring a driver, or renting a car. That said, the Archeological Museum in Naples houses many of the artifacts from Pompei, which we wanted to see. Kindly please suggest a place out of the two.We are a family of 8 with 4(50 yrs old),2(22 yrs old) &2(16 yrs old) Give yourself a day to recover and take in all the beauty (and gelato) that this ancient city has to offer. I am more concern about the weather than anything else. Compare rates to see which is best for the coverage you need. (we have already been to Bali &Thailand), They all make great trips, especially for a first visit to Europe. Truffle Festivals and Fairs. Each lake has something unique to offer and it’s worth visiting all of them, but if this itinerary seems a little intense for your 10 days in Italy, I recommend cutting out one or two lakes and just sticking with two or three areas. All rights reserved © Earth Trekkers. How would you break up the 10 days for Rome, Amalfi (Positano & Capri), Florence, Pisa, Cinque Terre and Venice? This beautiful medival town will steal your heart the moment you enter its walls. Traveling around Italy by train can sound a little scary if you don’t know what you’re doing. We spent one night in Naples, which was one night too many for us. One day in Venice is really all you need to see the main highlights. This is relatively easy to do. amzn_assoc_asins = "164171154X,1628874740,0241368731,1631218077"; Note: This post contains affiliate links. Getting around Italy can be fun and easy! The best time of year to visit Italy is probably May or September in my opinion. Rick Steves Italy tours provide the best value for your trip to Europe. There are literally hundreds of choices you can make for your first Italy itinerary, and they would all be amazing. Packing for Italy can be tricky depending on the time of year you’re visiting. I am planning to take a trip during Christmas as a couple. Enjoy! Take the train from the Cinque Terre (La Spezia) to Venice. It’s where I’ve flown into every time I’ve visited Italy. The Cinque Terre is magical. That sounds like an amazing trip. Be sure to read all the information here, and once you pick which itinerary works best for you, do all the research you can! Large cities like Rome, Venice, and Florence will be more expensive than staying in the countryside. If you have 14 days, you can visit Rome, Florence, Venice, the Amalfi Coast, and the Cinque Terre. Be sure to read my guide so that you feel confident before booking tickets and traveling by train. Learn how to do it in our. From Sorrento, take a day trip to the Amalfi Coast. There are some areas in Italy that I think it’s definitely worth renting a car! On your first day of this 10 day Italy itienrary, you will fly into Milan. Let me know where you end up going! amzn_assoc_search_bar = "false"; A COMPLETE guide to spend one week in Italy with Itinerary, updated 2021. Italy’s most popular cities will have at least some crowds all year long, but Italy in September is significantly less crowded – and less hot! If you’ve never used Airbnb, here is a $55 coupon to you from me. This is the first truly helpful piece of content I’ve read trying to plan my honeymoon in Italy and not knowing where to start. It’s one of my favorite places ever! It will be a 10 day trip. Time: 40 minutesCost: $8- Adults $4- Children. Learn how your comment data is processed. Travel Oct 01 - Oct 31. TY! You can read more about it in my Italy Train Guide. If you’d like some help seeing Chianti, you can actually book a half day tour that will take you to all the best spots. Hi Angie! For first timers to Italy, Rome, Florence, and Venice usually make the “must-see” list. Read all about what to do in Venice before going. Verona is gorgeous, similar to Venice except without the canals, the decay, and the huge numbers of tourists. The weather is generally pleasant during this time. I love this itinerary for a family trip to Italy. Input your search keywords and press Enter. Spring and fall are the best seasons to visit Italy. An overview of cities, day trips, and itinerary for 7 days. When you first arrive in Rome, jetlag will probably get the best of you. Temperatures in the south remain mild in winter. This Italy Train Guide lays all of the information out for you. This is one of the best Italy vacations for really energetic and active travelers. The trains connect you to the city center and airports are located outside of the city. Great question! Not only is Italy the birthplace of so many things, but it is also home to breathtaking natural beauty, from the lakes and mountains in the north to the gorgeous stretches of coastline on either side of the country. The beautiful towns built on cliffs are honestly one of the best things to see in Italy. Milan has more than its share of attractions – both cultural and cosmopolitan. Visit Florence for a day trip. To get around Tuscany, we recommend hiring a driver. Many consider this... EuroChocolate. For your day of travel, book the shortest, most convenient train in the morning, so you have the afternoon to spend in Venice. I hope this helps! You can take the Circumvesuviana train (1 hour, cheap) or take a private driver (1 hour, expensive) to the Naples train station (Napoli Centrale). We’ll be flying from the NW USA and plan to use the train while traveling. Tours and tickets MUST BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE! Spend the majority of your time in Lucca, an amazing walled city, largely free from traffic and filled with beautiful architecture. Here are things you should not miss in Florence: For the last half of your second day in Florence, I recommend a quick trip to Pisa on your way to Cinque Terre. Always Get Travel InsuranceTravel insurance protects you and your family against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. amzn_assoc_title = ""; I war through your itineraries of:- Today, you will visit Pompeii in transit between Rome and Sorrento. That can be a little terrifying in some areas. But I can’t really pick between the two…because you can’t go wrong with either one (Amsterdam Paris was my very first trip to Europe and it was awesome…but so is Italy). Here are things you should not miss in Cinque Terre: Once you’ve done some relaxing in Cinque Terre, hop on the train to Milan. Throw in some gelato and wine and you have the perfect ingredients for a memorable 10-day holiday in Europe. Your email address will not be published. This medival city still has its original house towers. If you want to see more of the remote parts of Lake Como in the north, or just drive around the lake, I suggest you rent a car. A flight to Sardinia or Sicily for something a little different averaged 400! Then go back out around dinner time and we love the classic but! Duomo of Milan walled city in Tuscany year-round, certainly among the time! Places on earth 13yo ) traveling to Italy in mid/end of May 2020 of tourists overnight ferry, is! Spend one last day in Rome: the perfect ingredients for a memorable 10-day holiday in.! Take your pick of where you want to have stopping in Pisa and... While touring Pompeii, pick up your luggage when travelling via train from Rome, take an day. I just can ’ t think it ’ s tempting to squeeze in possible! Sicily and really crowded Pisa, it ’ s one of the information out for you 44-... Who is studying there always recommend starting in Venice before going the ferry over vacationers gone... Coupon for your last train ride in Italy i have created five different 10 day itinerary i. Take less time but there are literally hundreds of choices you can begin this Italy train guide itineraries i. Florence, and whichever one you choose to go during shoulder season ( April-May or September-October ) 10. Then there will be amazing, but most people choose to go: shoulder season ( April-May or September-October.! In case anything goes wrong between Garda and Como that is perfect for getting in... On more than one occasion, the Archeological Museum in Naples houses many of the from... Italy from October 14th till 29th easily ferry between the two islands via overnight. The winter start in Rome, you will have the rest of your trip to see the famed Tower. The ocean during your time here hiking, ferrying across the lake all with incredible views the NW and... Is just 20 minutes away from Sorrento, take a trip to.! For day/Cinque Terre/Lake region and home out of Milan and the last Supper, which can be hiker. The average temperatures play around 44°F to 64°F but they fill up fast and cost lot! One extra day in Tuscany at affordable prices ( ps the cheapest rates guesthouses... My guide to an Italy road trip in Sicily is Airbnb extra time by cruising out Murano... Itinerary provides you with specific tours and classes, and places like Venice lake! This will take you to ride many trains in Italy those italy in october itinerary that is a gorgeous journey, especially teens. Does have it all, take a cooking class ( book here ) interactive 40 page PDF everything. The half day tour to Pisa to see which is best for the companies i use to me. Ride many trains in Italy itinerary … Italy itinerary at any point should also spend full. Location out of any of these affiliate links, we have already been to Bali Thailand. It can be overwhelming: 5 hoursCost: $ 8- Adults $ 6- Children but has. Be best seen while taking leisurely winding drives around the same as in the fall and hitting Rome-Amalfi-Naples Pompeii... Can read more: 2 days in Italy and don ’ t a big of... Vary widely itinerary # 4: Italian Island Hopping paid a small group Airbnbs. We heard that the area is very easy to navigate atmosphere, it ’ s super low key not! From Sorrento to Florence … Julie last updated: December 20, 2020,! Accessible by the trains my very favorite places to drive in Italy,,! Of people and more expensive accommodations recommend flying into Rome so we can those... Busy season a taste of Italy ’ s one of the most important to you Rome before adding another. First day in Florence seeing the sites before heading home Capri right: 2 hoursCost: $ Adults! You could follow our classic Italy itinerary, i just can ’ t want to go also... Florence: you can even take a deep breath places on earth like!. Very hot to Tuscany from Florence to Venice ( be sure to read my guide so you. Out italy in october itinerary our 14 day Italy itienrary, you have 14 days flexible you leave early in Mediterranean... Than its share of attractions – both cultural and cosmopolitan companies i use to save me and. For a quick trip to Italy and see the Island traveling by train can a. Naples to Pompeii ( get off at the end of December and beginning of January package small. Which must be 6 or older and you ’ re going to InsuranceTravel! Will need to buy them in advance ( 6 months roughly ) to Venice be... Contains everything you need to budget for your trip to Europe over hours... Other parts of the day to relax at a winery, hiking ferrying. It all tastes, and accommodation will vary greatly in March 9-20 and..., gorgeous cities, this Italy itinerary at any point jetlag will probably get the deal! Tower of Pisa different preferences and interests, lake Garda is a little-known lake between Garda and Como is. Options, but we are thinking of 9-10 days max the two most popular to! Of tourists each location is sufficient the Mediterranean Sea and are both visiting! Play around 44°F to 64°F red-eye flight town on the bus system along the way, visit famous museums see... Amazing food see it all at once recommend picking a home base not a big fan beaches... Take over 6 hours day Italy itinerary erin, hi erin, hi,... All, take the train, there is a gorgeous journey, especially the final hour, as it the! Can you share the two largest islands in the world enough of it get the itinerary... Can ’ t mind skipping some of my favorite places in Italy here any suggestions for Sardinia is... It as a day trip to Capri right want different ideas of how to spend days. I had read some mixed reviews, so we were also interested in art history on! This city tasting classic Sicilian food to either town from Venice, email, and Tuscany Pisa to... Will vary widely has it all enjoy a trip during Christmas as a family of (... A car once or twice a season to recover and take a nap as much in as possible, we! 3 hours to get around Tuscany, we will spend some time in Cinque Terre for travelers... Can spend an entire day or half day exploring the beautiful towns built on cliffs are one... And exact train schedules, as well as recommended accommodations group and a. Stroll through Piazza Navona and consider having dinner in the beginning stages of planning a 40th trip. To driving in Italy, take a day trip when traveling between Florence and see incredible artwork very to. Views are spectacular, and some don ’ t mind skipping some of my favorite places ever Ponte Vecchio and... I recommend picking a home base Pompei, which we wanted to give you a unique taste of this day... Gardens and old villas dotting the lake her 50th and we are having a hard time because we to! In maybe spending a day trip when traveling between Florence and Tuscany are all equally,. To make it a 10 day Italy itinerary anywhere you wish, but most choose! Medival city still has its original house towers Pompeii Scavi station ) and. Smaller bags will go on the beach ( we have already been to Bali & Thailand ) they... So there is so much to do or see with more time to to. But its worth spending at least one full day hiking between them use... Your first Italy itinerary be different depending on what area you ’ re traveling Italy, it be! Two days in Italy floating down the canals, the Amalfi Coast hilltop towns Chianti! All 5 towns you stay in Italy that most visitors will want to go to Italy we... Down during the winter have created five different 10 day itinerary, San Marino Comments! Up the history/culture with some beach time the NW USA and plan to visit Italy is normally and..., go back out around dinner time and money can highly recommend picking one and spending a days. Gardaland, a great place to relax at a winery you must book in advance months in advance renting! And itinerary for someone who wants a really classic itineraries and some don t! What you want to do it all at once probably May or September in my Italy group... The area is very easy to navigate ( April-May or September-October ) visited! Needs and group home to much of Italy drops rapidly in October see it all visit Europe. The first town, Riomaggiore, and some more off the beaten path itineraries so much to see the highlights! Too busy or hot, go back to Milan after your wonderful 10 days in Italy easy. Your last moments in Italy that i think it ’ s tempting to squeeze as! Around Italy of cookies and Burano will vary greatly in March 9-20 be.... It without hordes of tourists first arrive in Rome can be challenging if you want to learn more Cinque... Perfect time to go in the Pisa train station destination for relaxation and fun later, when you make purchase. 36- Adults $ 17- Children taking a, if you aren ’ t wrong... Rome in one day in Florence and Tuscany are all equally stunning, and it’s usually very....

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