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Software Solutions for Business since 1984

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Software and Technology are supposed to be part of the Solution...not part of the problem.

Dynamic Concepts was established in 1984 to make this a reality.  We have watched hardware grow from 16-bit desktop systems with less than a megabyte of RAM and under 50 megabytes of disk to multi-core 64-bit processors running at 250 times the speed, 1,000 times the RAM and 20,000 times the Disk.  At the same time, the software has evolved from simple applications and utilities to enterprise class line-of-business systems.

These rapdily evolving hardware capabilities, along with multiple software platforms and technologies to choose from, makes finding the best solution challenging. Without guidance, this process can be frought with pitfalls that cost both time and money.

Dynamic Concepts can assist your company in navigating this journey to an efficient and cost effective completion. We offer a complete range of consulting services that have been proven to be successful.

In 2015, Dynamic Concepts Development Corp. relocated its headquarters from New York City to St. Petersburg Florida.